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Jupiter Stations Direct December 2011 – The Truth Shall Set You Free

Capitalism is Over

The Truth, it is said, shall set you Free.  It is the Great Panacea. But, it is not always simple to swallow, or delightful to the senses. Yet, like all remedies, it can become an acquired taste when associated with its effect. It seems fatuous to reject something so remarkably helpful. But Truth is often hard to see, although omnipresent. Delusion obfuscates lucidity with a heavy fog that dulls sensory awareness, and makes apathy a far more delectable dish than Painstaking Clarity.

Freedom has been savoured by a precious few. Yet, even the most oppressive apparently champion it. How can this be? Seemingly, there can be varying degrees of Freedom, such as the Freedom to Consume, the Freedom to pay taxes without true representation and the Freedom to vote for Greedy Elite Politicians to run your life whilst driving the Planet into the gutter. There is even Freedom of Speech in many places, but you’d best be guarded with using it, or you’ll be imprisoned. And, there is the Freedom of Dissent and Protest, so long as it doesn’t impact the continuance of Capitalism or any other ‘ism’ for that matter, aside from Humanitarianism.

Truth and Freedom are strangers to many. So, it is no marvel that the Truth can be so shocking and Freedom difficult to acquire. Yet, when Truth alarms and awakens, the Righteous arise from slumber motivated by the anger at the Illusion with which they have been hoodwinked.

What better Gift this Holiday Season? Am I speaking of the IPhone, IPad or IPod? No!!! Replace the latest consumer gadgets with the new I Am Righteously Angry and I Want Justice. Then the Truth will be Present and Progress the Gift it delivers.

On 25th December, 2011 GMT, Jupiter, after several months of retrograde motion stations before shifting direct, making its presence powerfully known. This event is heralded, a few days earlier on the 22nd, by the exactitude of a harmonious aspect between the Sun and Jupiter and a tense aspect between the Sun and Uranus. As the Sun is forming these alignments, it will be applying to a conjunction with Revelatory Pluto. Making this Celestial Cocktail all the more Molotov is a harmonious aspect betwixt Uranus and Jupiter.

The Illuminous Sun will freshly exert its luminescence from the sign of Capricorn and the Lunar Mansion of Mula, where it joins Pluto. The Old Structures are collapsing into a pile of useless rubble. And in the process, Harsh Truths, difficult to stomach are dawning. Their flavour must initially be ghastly in order to heal the Malady that threatens humanity, and indeed, the planet.

Uranus, with which the Sun forms a tense alignment known as a square, is also once again gaining ground in direct motion in the Passionately Active sign of Aries, awakening Revolutionary Spirit. To the Power Mongers, the taste of Truth is highly revolting. But as Uranus is transiting the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, the storm it unleashes brings fresh rain that fertilises a force potent enough to clear away the Manure of the Malignant. The power this Uranian punch packs is doubled by an accordant alignment with Expansive Jupiter itself invigorated by its return to direct motion and a harmonious alignment with the Sun.

Jupiter is in the early portion of the sign of Taurus, adding tenacity to its progressiveness. As it is transiting the Lunar Mansion of Ashwini, Jupiter’s larger than life enterprising energy can spark rapid change for those willing to carry the torch and spark the Fire of Purification.

The Inconvenient Truths to which we are presently bearing witness are alarming. Yet, they must be to create the impetus for transformation. We have only hit rock-bottom as a species because we have been hypnotised into a phantasmagoric paralysis by parasites that thrive on Power and Illusion. Now that the Spell is broken, the Truth will truly Liberate.

To the Self-Aware, Truth is a Gourmet Gastronomical Delight. Please the Palate through a Telephone Consultation with Authentic Man!






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