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Jupiter Square Pluto – Fanning the Flames of Revolution

Government by democracy is rule by consent of the people. The political body and leaders are civil servants, enlisted by the masses at their own expense in order to ensure their wellbeing. But, such rule is meant to be by the voice of the people, not by the dictate of a Despot. Why anyone would choose to pay someone to tell them how best to live their life is beyond me. But, when in the execution of their office, the said Powers no longer serve the vox popular, but rather the vox corporate or solely the vox elite, it is the Duty of the people to overthrow such leadership.

How often have we heard words from the lips of politicians that, sometimes in their line of work, they have to make decisions that are unpopular with the people? Such words are endemic of selfishness at the very least, tyranny at worst.

An Astrological Undercurrent of Change is flowing strongly at the moment. At its root, is an intensifying aspect between Pluto and Jupiter, yet with several other aspects being formed to these two Celestial Giants which should not be discounted.

Setting the tone, Pluto in the tropical sign of Capricorn and the lunar mansion of Mula shows that the state of worldly affairs is beginning to affect people in many parts of the world to the extent that they are willing to do their part in bringing power to balance by demanding transformation. Jupiter has recently moved into the passionately active sign of Aries and is presently transiting Uttara Bhadrapada, bringing a refreshing and long overdue balance through expansive Activism.

Fanning the flames of this aspect, both the Sun and Mars form a tense aspect with Jupiter; and Mercury, a harmonious aspect with Pluto. All three of these planets are presently in the sign governing the Masses, Radicalism and Revolution – Aquarius.

The Sun and also Mars will be in the lunar mansion of Dhanishtha at the moment of their exact aspect with Jupiter on Monday, 7th February and Tuesday, 8th February respectively.  With the cadence a cacophony of conturbation, people are awakening and marching to the beat of their own drum, recognising that politicians have mainly their own best interests at heart. Justifiable anger is becoming more prominent, and focused action more common.

Mercury, forming an aspect with Pluto, is presently passing through Sravana. The voice of true Democracy is beginning to resonate at a level so strongly that the leaders cannot ignore it. To do so would be foolish and only bring about their own demise. Will they react positively, or continue to pursue their own selfish ends? It seems many times that they prefer the path of self-destruction.

The flame of Revolution is burning bright in the world at the moment, in many places such as Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Serbia. In some quarters, the torch has not yet been borne and brandished. Yet, ignorance cannot long ignore the Light that Longs to Shine  so Brightly.

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