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Jupiter Sextile Uranus January 2013 – The Cleansing of Perception

‘Reflections’  ~ Photo by Plutonian Chronicles

The renowned philosopher Rene Descartes once theorised, ‘I think therefore I am.’ But, what or who are we when we are not thinking? Certainly, something other than what we thought. Through not thinking, are we as fools? Idiots? Or, are we instead perhaps sagacious by nature? When we dream, who is it that does the dreaming? Where do we dwell at such times? Do we exist, perhaps, within several different dimensions at once? Are we indeed dreaming? Does the Universe dream? And when it does so, does it dream of us? What are we made of? Indubitably something higher than we can conceive of. Why then worry, or obsess, or fear? And when we do so, is that also merely a play of consciousness? Are our lives a dream enacted by the Cosmic Dreamer who envisions vignettes which then take seed in a fertile mind? Is all the world a stage, and we merely players undergoing some Great Tragedy or Grand Buffoonery for the entertainment of something unbeknownst to our limited perception?

We seemingly allow our minds to become so intricately involved in the drama we are apparently subjective to that we quite often take on the semblance of being our own worst enemy. Is that too part of the Cosmic Play? Then there are those rare moments in time, where if we focus our attention on being receptive, something miraculous takes place and quite often of no effort of our own other than a willingness to accept that we don’t know what we think we know and the realisation that we are certain of nothing. Humility has as its reward wisdom, and arrogance as its nemesis, humiliation. Certainly better, it would seem, to strive to connect to that higher portion of our awareness, that unknown quadrant of our being from which all inspiration arises and from whence the Unfathomable Wellspring of Prosperity arises. And we can only do so through listening with more than our ears, seeing with more than our eyes. So much information becomes available to us on a daily basis. It is what we choose to do with it that makes the difference. Do we utilise it toward selfish ends and ultimately our own demise? Or, towards the enrichment of not only ourselves, but also the entirety of creation through the following of the direction of our collective hearts and minds toward the furtherance of the Spiritual Revolution and the deepening of Human Evolution.

A great change is taking root all around us. The dawning of a vibrant spring coming on the heels of a dark winter is ever more possible. But, we must awaken and be aware of the impulses as they are being sown in the fields of our conscious awareness. On 22nd January, 2013 Mercury and Uranus form a harmonious aspect with each other.  The following day Mercury also  forms a harmonious aspect with Jupiter. Jupiter and Uranus are also forming a concordant angle, which although it does not become exact, is potent nonetheless. All of this occurring at a time when Jupiter is slowing in its motion which thereby makes the Higher Mind more receptive to the Cosmic Impulse it is due to receive.

Mercury, newly in Aquarius and the Lunar Mansion of Sravana becomes simultaneously active and receptive through a willingness to make the mind an open channel to the creativity of the soul. To do so requires the recognition that the ego will indubitably bear results that are not to our benefit. The intellect serves us only when it is under the tutelage of our hearts and souls. Uranus, the Herald of the Random, is in active Aries and the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada from where it serves to offer surprising experiences which prune back the ignorance of  minds and egos which have run rampant, forcing them to reconsider their position and hopefully learn from their mistakes. But for those who are humble and happy with the unknown, and who always expect the unexpected, they shall not be let down.

Jupiter, slowing in its retrograde motion in preparation for its station and shift to direct motion at the end of January, is in Gemini and the Lunar Mansion of Rohini. Fixed minds result in dead end solutions. But, through a willingness to learn and a flair for adaptability, the next steps in the journey will ultimately present themselves. The ground is currently being tilled for a great harvest with expansion due to occur when Jupiter moves forward.

Innocence, trust and faith are the hallmarks which now bring growth, and growth in turn results in pro-sperity. We think ourselves limited in potential. But, truth be known, we limit ourselves. We can choose to no longer do so. When we cast open the doors of our awareness, we are greeted by a myriad of blessings and a quantum leap in consciousness. The time is ripe, but we must choose to avail ourselves of the opportunity.

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