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Jupiter, Saturn and Venus – Desire Driven Duality

authenticsignOur minds were given to us to serve our consciousness within this material realm. But often they become separated from the realm of spirit to the extent that reason runs rampant. Rationale not under the direction of the higher mind is illogical in the realm of spirit.

We each have a higher and a lower mind. The lower is the mind’s capacity for reason and logic. The higher is the propensity for intuition and tuning into the input of the senses in a manner that strengthens awareness.

Ideally, the higher and the lower mind are meant to work in harmony. But, quite often a split occurs. Usually, it is the lower mind that becomes overly attached to the input of the senses. This often occurs in a manner that causes it to process the information that it is receiving in a manner not conducive to the soul’s integration of the wisdom that is available to it. It becomes trapped in the dimension of mundane illusion. In order for it to reconnect with the higher mind, it must first become aware of the pitfall that it has fallen prey to.

In astrology, when two planets form a 90 degree angle to each other, it is known as a square. This is a tense aspect. But, when a planet forms a square with two planets at the same time, known as a T-square, this is even more severe.

Such a condition is now existent between Jupiter, retrograde Saturn and Venus. Jupiter in the tropical sign of Pisces and the lunar mansion of Purva Bhadrapada represents the higher mind’s capacity to rise above the realm of material impression and to make decisions that are based not only upon that which would be beneficial to one’s own evolution, but also upon that which would be of advantage to the Universal Consciousness.

Saturn, in the sign of Virgo and the lunar mansion of Uttara Phalguni is related to ethics, but also to growth and evolution. In opposition by angle to Jupiter, its lesson is one of re-examining our values in order to discern whether or not dogmatic thought processes are blocking our ability to align more harmoniously with our destiny. Purification is vital to the process.

Venus, the planet of values when functioning at its highest vibration, and symbolic of material desires in its lower form is adding tension to the equation by completing the T-square. It forms a square to both Saturn and Jupiter. Venus is in the cerebral sign of Gemini and in the lunar mansion of Mrigasira. Its energy is one of duality, simultaneously tempting us to pursue the desires created by the lower mind, in its rational interaction with the input of the senses; but also providing the opportunity for spiritual prosperity. This latter wisdom can be gained only through attaining a higher perspective.

In whatever ways peace of mind can be found, that is the balance to be pursued this week. This aspect intensifies early to midweek. Time spent meditatively will not be wasted. Partaking in the solace of nature in its abundance can only help to create the perfect environment. The message of the moment is one of alignment with one’s own soul, whilst participating in the Universal Plan.

With planetary examples such as an oil spill spreading whilst oil companies try to point the finger of blame at each other, the time to ‘get real’ is right now. We can choose eternal duality driven by material desire to our own demise, or the unity of higher awareness and the evolution of consciousness.

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