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Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto – The Crisis in Haiti

authenticsignVery shortly after the search for more survivors was declared officially, and obviously prematurely, over in Port-au-Prince, another survivor was found amongst the rubble by an Israeli team.

So, why were rescue attempts called to a halt? From my perspective, it seems like once again money, greed and the abuse of power has come into the equation. I would be interested in seeing where the funding for the search and rescue missions is coming from, if they are looking to put a halt to it so quickly. Is it UN funded? Has it been decided that the rescue attempts are becoming too costly to continue? Could it be that the lives of so many impoverished are simply not valuable enough to the “powers that be”?

Truly sickening. Meanwhile, they fly on their private aircraft, eating fancy meals and never missing a photo opportunity whilst thousands die. Similarly sickening when the same entities decide to get together at a ritzy place and discuss how to handle the misfortunes of the rest of the world’s “impoverished”. I use quotations for that word, because in many cases, these so called impoverished have the strength of spirit to help their fellow human through the same crisis they are experiencing. Much wealthier than the world’s richest, if you ask me.

Why is it that money is such a controlling factor in humanity? Can we not find a better way as a species to survive? Why was it that money was created in the first place? Was it so that one person could have more than another?

This whole disaster is here to open the eyes, and hearts, of humanity to the problem that we face as a species, and to where we have truly gone wrong. Selfishness and greed have caused too much harm for far too long. The people whom we have allowed to govern us are like children who have been placed in charge of the candy store.

One thing that has surfaced throughout the Haiti calamity is the understanding that people have to take the power back into their own hands, because if we wait for the world leaders, or the UN, we will be waiting an eternity. And taking matters into their own hands is exactly what has happened in many cases with reports of survivors sharing resources and supporting each other. One report also spoke of a survivor watching another eat food that they were given by a reporter, and rather than feeling jealous, they were glad that another was eating. No selfishness was evident there.

So, the year, and indeed the decade has gotten off to quite a start, and the drama that is unfolding deepens as we once again approach a tense aspect known as a square between Saturn and Pluto, as Saturn is in retrograde motion. This aspect last happened with Saturn in direct motion on 15th November. This time, as the aspect applies and becomes exact (31st January), there is also a harmonious aspect applying between Jupiter and Pluto, as Jupiter has recently entered Pisces. How does this tie in with the drama that we are witnessing? Let’s take a deeper look.

Pluto is transiting a section of the sign of Capricorn known as Mula. This lunar mansion signifies difficulty that leads to a deep realisation. Pluto can do its work very effectively in this sector, as the energy of this lunar mansion is similar to its own energy.

Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is exalted in Libra, as it transits a sector of that sign known as Hasta. Hasta has the power to place the object that one desires into their hands. If this energy is allowed to run rampant, it can obviously lead to selfishness. There can also occasionally be a lack of direction associated with this energy when it is out of harmony. Hence the “scattered” energy of the relief efforts. In my opinion, the “scattered” energy and selfishness were at the root of the problem. But that is a subject for deeper discussion.

Jupiter, having recently entered the sign of Pisces, is occupying a sector of the sky known as Shatabhisha. This sector is often associated with healing, or a healing crisis, much like the asteroid Chiron. The calamity involved with the energy of this sector, often hides a deep realisation that upon discovery can lead to firmness in understanding.

The positive potential in the aspect between Pluto and Jupiter can lead to a rich integration of the lessons of how selfishness, greed and the lust for power (the more negative polarity of Pluto in Capricorn) are at the root of the problems that we now face on the planet.

Whilst Pluto forms a harmonious aspect with Jupiter, Saturn is forming a tense aspect known as a quincunx with it. Again, selfishness interferes with the development of our more altruistic nature. Upon recognition of this fact on a more massive level (Retrograde Saturn in Libra) and sacrificing selfish desires for the greater good (Jupiter in Pisces) humanity can begin to thrive as a species as they discover true prosperity.

Changing the world as a whole begins with each of us taking a step in the right direction. We are each being asked to give more of ourselves in the spirit of authentic altruism. We are being asked to become more self-reliant and, at the same time, interdependent, rather than looking towards those whom we have placed in control to do the ‘right thing’. Those are the steps towards becoming more human.

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