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Jupiter Quintiles Mars September 2011 – The Foolish and the Courageous

Death can bring no new life without release, moving on or a change of condition from one state to another. When a flowering bush has thrived, it becomes weighted with death. The life force of the plant is wasted on the decomposed blossoms and there is a need to prune the dead matter so that it may undergo the process of putrefaction. The vital energy of the plant is then liberated to create new growth.

There is no benefit in trying to bring life to something which can no longer be revived. The sole result will only be frustration. And, whilst there may be an intense amount of soul searching, realisation and acceptance involved in the measure of relinquishing, a burden is inevitably dropped and integral energy is liberated.

Humanity is evolving and facing the necessity of adaptation and transformation. The unfolding and blossoming is both individual and collective. The metamorphosis is inevitable, but awareness of what transpires is not. The choice of ignorance or vigilance is there for both the foolish and the courageous. The individual human, humanity as a whole and the environment in which they live are all engaged in a symbiotic relationship. The Darkness of the Profane impacts the Conscious Organism  which it chooses to infect with its Ignorance. Yet the Light of the Aware can elucidate, clarify and heal. However, when the Deep Hypnotic Slumber of Spiritual Death is so acute, it takes a loud voice to Awaken and Alarm.

On Tuesday 6th September 2011, an accordant alignment occurs between Mars and Jupiter. This concurs with an acute angle between Venus and the Lunar Nodes.

Passionately conflagrant Mars is highly sensitive and explosive in the sign of Cancer, where it is in a state of debilitation. Its energy is exacerbated and invigorated as it is presently transiting the lunar mansion of Punarvasu. This sector of the tropical sign of Cancer delivers substance, revitalisation and rehabilitation. The aspect between Mars and Jupiter is heightened due to the fact that Jupiter governs Punarvasu. Anger is righteous when it is directed at ignorance and its elimination. Action brings awareness. Yet this is not sufficient. If the People lead, the Leaders must follow. But Wisdom will only enlighten the Dim Corners by exemplification.

Jupiter, currently in its cycle of retrogradation is transiting Taurus and the lunar mansion of Bharani, significant of the transmigration of the soul from one state to another. The Old Concepts, once thought the standard of Security and Stability can now be seen to strangle and choke, threatening asphyxiation on the Stench of the Profane Morass of Mass Materialism. Capitalism only works for the Elite. They have for centuries controlled and manipulated the people in the Bondage of Slavery, keeping them drugged with the Illusion of Comfort and Status. A growing cacophony is now clearing the Fog of Sleep.

Bharani and Taurus are both ruled by Venus, highly active on the same day in its sharp aspect to the Nodes, the twin harbingers of Karma and Destiny. Venus in Virgo questions whether Humanity will miss the forest for the trees. As Venus transits the lunar mansion of Purva Phalguni, which it also governs, the propensity for cooperation and co-creation is heightened. Yet there is a twin pull by the Nodes.

The South Node in Gemini and the lunar mansion of Mrigasira presents the Dilemma of Divestment by the Delusion of Dualism. There is the danger of being led astray by the lulling familiarity of False Security, caught in the Crossfire of Smoke and Mirrors perpetrated by the Grand Illusionists, when a New Way is clearly available. The North Node, in Sagittarius and Jyeshtha beckons the brave to see through the Illusion with the Penetrating Sword of Awareness and Insight. In Wisdom, a New Movement is spearheaded.

The journey becomes burdensome only if we choose to carry the weight which is no longer needed. Humanity is not a slave to Corporation, Government or Ignorance. The chains are falling aside. The shackles loosened. Liberation awaits for those who desire it.

Black Rose

‘Whenever death may surprise us, let it be welcome if our battle cry has reached even one receptive ear and another hand reaches out to take up our arms.’ – Che Guevara

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