Jupiter in Aries, Mars in Virgo

authenticsign The technology is presently there for humanity, if there is truly a desire, to break free from an addiction to oil. Obviously, the oil giants are not too keen on the idea. It threatens their profits, and their vision is too narrow sighted to see that if their greed is allowed to build, suffering can only be the result. Material desires are never fully satiated. A drive for more will always continue until it is exhausted by the realisation that no happiness can be found in the pursuit of material desires.

In the US, oil companies are one of the biggest lobbyists of Congress. Their money carries a lot of clout. If not, surely with a collapsing auto industry and a ballooning defence budget caused by an oil-lust driven military mentality, legislation would be passed to, at the very least, curtail the building of automobiles reliant on fossil fuels.

Americans are very dependent upon their cars. It can be seen from the growing obesity of the majority of the population that many would never opt for the idea of walking or cycling. The majority of the human species has grown obese from mass consumption based on a diet of materialism, and a severe case of indigestion can only result.

Are we damned to repeat the lessons of the past? Certainly so, until we see the bigger picture. Massive transformation has occurred over the last couple of years since the first exact opposition of Saturn and Uranus on 4th November, 2008. A summer of profoundly intense astrology is on the horizon, which can only bring even greater change.

This week marks the movement of two planets into another sign. Jupiter will ingress into the tropical sign of Aries, and Mars into Virgo. This, in itself, is a large astrological occurrence. Jupiter spends roughly a year in each sign. Its entry into another sign is a big event. Mars ordinarily spends approximately two months in a sign. However, as it entered Leo last October, and went nearly two-thirds of the way through the sign, before going retrograde and then once again direct, it has been in that sign for nearly eight months. But, when you add to this the fact that Mars is building to a harmonious aspect with Pluto whilst forming a tense aspect with Jupiter and Uranus, as these two planets approach a conjunction in Aries, the scope of immensity broadens.

On the Mars-Pluto front, Mars, upon entering Virgo on 7th June, 2010, will be transiting the lunar mansion of Magha. Until we learn from our mistakes, and those of past generations, we cannot be free of our attachment. We are bound in the karmic cycle until the understanding develops within our consciousness that enables us to let go. When we have properly mourned our lapse in awareness, then the great death of ignorance can occur and the light of awareness be borne.

Pluto, in its harmonious aspect with Mars, is providing us with this insight. But the sharpness of these two planets in earth based signs makes the lesson one that is difficult to bear. Pluto in the lunar mansion of Mula and the sign of Capricorn presents us with planetary catastrophe so that unawareness may cease through having to face the impact of unconsciousness head on. It should be noted that Pluto is also building to a tense aspect with both Jupiter and Uranus.

Jupiter and Uranus are approaching an exact conjunction on 8th June, 2010, two days after Jupiter’s entry into Aries on 6th June. Both planets are occupying the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada. Uttara Bhadrapada is associated with the “serpent of the deep”. Serpents are representative of wisdom. The oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico is a massive cataclysm which grows in intensity daily. But, this extreme catastrophe provides humanity with an overpowering opportunity for revelation. Balance and harmony on earth cannot be found until we learn to live in accord with our environment.

A new way approaches. The shape that it will take is dependent upon our actions. There is always the choice to live more consciously and ethically. It has always been there. We have been blind to its existence due to spiritual poverty. But, when we see clearly and act wisely we gain in spiritual wealth, and our conscious material existence can only benefit as a result.

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