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Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Uttara Bhadrapada

authenticsignAll that happens, does so for a reason, if we only look for meaning. There is a point and a purpose to every occurrence within human existence, leading towards evolution on both a personal and a global scale. But, if we choose the path of ignorance, then it all seems meaningless. It is all a matter of perception and decisions.

Astrology is a Universal language. When matters seem perplexing or confusing, looking to the planets can often provide insight, understanding and clarity.

The last year and a half, since Saturn’s first exact opposition to Uranus on 4th November 2008, has undoubtedly brought much change to the lives of us all. Where there were once old rigid standards, on one level or another, the apple cart has been overturned. Although disconcerting, this has been necessary for the growth of awareness. Otherwise we would just be stuck in a limited existence with no opportunity for progression.

Now, as we approach the last of the oppositions between these two planets for approximately another 46 years, on 26th July 2010, an opportunity is present for a profound new beginning. The upheaval brought about through the interaction of these two planets has been massive, but necessary to wipe the slate clean and convince our consciousness that anything is possible. We have a choice, through our actions and our level of awareness to put our efforts towards constructive development of higher consciousness. But, doing so requires a willingness to learn and to be open to the possibility that things may not be as we believe them to be. This is a perfect description of the energy of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction which becomes exact on 8th June 2010.

These two planets conjunct each other in the tropical sign of Aries and within the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada. Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, is the pioneering spirit of impulse necessary for any fresh start. The lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada represents refreshment, nourishment and a balance between the physical and the spiritual planes.

Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, higher levels of creativity, and expansion. Uranus represents the unexpected and the sudden. Something new must now be built in the wake of the old. The way forward requires an adventurous spirit and a willingness to try new things. Ethics must be honoured, but outmoded dogmas are to be eschewed. Action must be taken in alignment with what feels right to the heart, but with the flexibility to roll with the moment when destiny decrees. It’s an exciting time, and anything is now possible. So choose wisely.

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