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Jupiter and Venus Direct – A Course for Calmer Seas

authenticsignEvery soul is unique. Each individual has their own particular energy, their own set of challenges and their own inherent gifts. We are all here for a purpose, and in developing our potential we are able to more profoundly realise and fulfil our destiny.

Yet, there are many of us who feel cast adrift on stormy seas, tossed both this way and that, no sense of direction and no port which we can clearly call home. But, even in the midst of such insanity there is meaning. At the heart of chaos and confusion, there is an aim in the eyes of the Universe.  Quite often, we are unable to see, until upon retrospect.

As we search for a beacon, a homing signal, we naturally look to our immediate environment. Sometimes we catch a glimpse of dry land, or meet a kind soul to provide us with a moment of rest and respite. Yet these are only momentary layovers on the journey, not the actual destination itself.

Occasionally, we become envious of those who seemingly feel so certain. Yet, their path is different, and their own set of difficulties are existent, if not necessarily apparent.  Sometimes, with a dwindling sense of self-assurance, we clutch for a life preserver on the bouncy oceans and attempt to boost our injured ego with a false sense  of self-importancy. Out of a lack of self-recognition, we seek external attention in order to establish a sense of security, neglecting to fulfil our own needs from the eternal wellsource within.

With an intensifying conjunction between Pluto and the North Node creating a deep impression of obsessive ambiguity for many, there is a shift in direction rapidly approaching.

On 18th November, three celestial occurrences mark a noted, if not immediate shift. At 9:54 am GMT, the Sun will become exact in its already applying aspect with Neptune. The Sun is currently transiting the tropical sign of Scorpio and the lunar mansion of Vishakha. Transiting Pluto’s home territory, the Light Bearer reminds us to practice patience even if we feel we are being pulled simultaneously in several different directions. Through times of transience, what is the one truth worthy of your attention? With devotion and one-pointedness, thus cast the eyes of awareness.

Neptune, currently in Aquarius and the lunar mansion of Dhanishtha asks we remember that within the Universal realm of consciousness, even when all seems uncertain, there is a purpose. The best course of action is to trust in what feels appropriate in the depths of our heart. Be guided from this internal space purely for aligning with your own individual soul’s ethics. Allow yourself to be guided by a sense of authenticity, not a selfish desire for attention.

Later in the day, at 4:53 and 9:17 pm GMT respectively, both Jupiter and Venus station, which is the planetary equivalent of seeming stillness, before returning to forward motion. Both planets having previously been retrograde. When a planet stations, its energy is highlighted, much like when we reach a plateau after a long period of transformation. When they then move forward from this position, a period of progress after a previous time of reflection in the areas associated with their corresponding energies ensues.

Jupiter has recently been traversing Neptune’s neighbourhood in its transit through Pisces. It is currently occupying the lunar mansion of Purva Bhadrapada. You are being offered, if you will recognise and accept, an opportunity to act in alignment with both your own evolution, and also that of humanity as a whole. Take heart and heed this offer.

Venus is, at present, in its own sign, that of Libra. It is presently transiting the lunar mansion of Chitra. Discover the desire to radiate from your own internal luminescence, if you do not feel it already. Do good work, not from the perspective of wanting recognition, but purely for the sake of the deed itself.

In all matters, with the approaching change of direction, heed the homing signal on the horizon. In the midst of an emotional hurricane, seek the eye of the storm. When confusion is all around, pause for perspective. When several paths are on offer, choose the highest available.

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