Purva Phalguni
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It’s About Time – Moon in Purva Phalguni November 7th, 2023

Moon in Purva Phalguni – You have been having a hard time moving on from this! It has become so much a part of your life, that you have begun to identify with it. And somewhere within, you are afraid you won’t know yourself the other side of it! And so, you are not 100% behind the action that you now need to take. You could, however, decide to identify with a better life that is free from all of this!

Speaking of Time… Saturn, the Planet of Time is Now Direct and in the Bringing Focused Change to Your Horoscope! Let’s Explore the Changes Saturn Brings to You through One of My Astrological Services!

Vara: Mars
Tithi: Krishna Dasami
Karana: Vishti
Yoga: Aindra

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