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Hot Summer Nights – 2012 Astrology

Web of Delusion

The Mass of Humanity has existed in a state of denial, weaving a thick Web of Delusion in which it has cocooned itself, thinking itself secure in pursuit of the Elusive Butterfly of Freedom bought falsely and with too high a price tag. Instead, it is like a fly caught in the web, striving to liberate itself as it continues to invite its predator. In its struggle it continues the same old ploys, making the chains in which it is enslaved more solid.

Freedom cannot be bought materially. It is gained spiritually through realisation and is not to be further sold. Security is similar in nature. It is to be had through honouring the synergistic connection with our environment, not in trying to control it. Pillaging of the Earth and its resources for the betterment of some at the expense of others is a most heinous example of Ignorance. The further we grow from our Truest Essence as Spiritual Beings, the more dross we create. Yet, in our attempts to harmonise with our own True Nature, and Nature itself, then higher Plateaux of Peace are attained.

We are awakening; some of us, that is. For others, the revelation needs to dawn more strongly for Purification to transpire and Awareness to dawn. 2012 promises a year of apocalyptic astrology, heralding opportunity. But, we must accept it as such to become conscious of the potential Prosperity.

This Summer’s astrology bears the trademark of the season which it augurs. It is cathartic, and necessarily so, for change is necessary. Humanity may not continue on its current course.

Starting with the Eclipse Cycle of late May and early June, the Gateway is opened with a Solar Eclipse in Gemini and the Lunar Mansion of Krittika on 20th May. The cleansing spark is potent and ignites a purifying fire that is substantially expansive due to the proximity of the Eclipse to Jupiter, which is also in Krittika, and transiting the latter stages of Taurus. A commitment is necessary. Staying the Old Course will not provide fresh results. Something is inherently wrong and denying it will lead only to a dead end. No matter how intensely the Light of Truth may burn, its warmth may also nourish if we welcome its message.

Two weeks later, the Eclipse Cycle ends with a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius and Jyeshtha. For those with courage to face the Light comes inspirational wisdom and a way to navigate the Storm on the Horizon. But, we must allow it to expose every vulnerable corner in order for the dark recesses to be cleansed of Negativity. It will leave no stone unturned and may seem inimical. Yet, we must open ourselves to its penetrating luminescence as a desired Visitor.

Eclipses, though they generally occur twice annually, portend transformation of profound depth, their effect far-reaching. The Cycle occurring this summer is no exception to the rule and takes place only a few weeks ahead of a cluster of acute aspects which become exact in late June.

For the next several years, Uranus and Pluto will be interacting in a tense manner as they apply and separate from exactitude in an aspect known as a Square. Presently deepening in intensity, these two Colossals of Chaos and Cacophony will be overturning a few apple carts which Gluttonous Fruit Eaters have long taken for granted, as they become exact in angle for the first time on 24th June.

Uranus in Aries will be transiting the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada for this event. The symbolism associated with this asterism is ‘the Rains which come to quench a parched Earth’. As Uranus in Aries is the Bearer of this Celestial Precipitation, the downfall is sure to be torrential. Yet, its arrival is to be celebrated not dreaded. With lightning comes electricity, but the Rains clarify. And things have grown stale and stinky for far too long. We need fresh change of a deeply Uranian sort to settle the current crisis we are facing.

Pluto in Capricorn will be passing through the Lunar Mansion of Purva Ashadha. This energy separates the Wheat from the Chaff. The chaff cannot be digested, but wheat provides nourishment. Egotistical Political Pride can sort nothing. As Purva Ashadha also relates to water in its invigorating nature, then Humility and Harmony with the Earth and all of its inhabitants yield Abundance.

The following day, 25th June, Expansive Jupiter also forms an exact square with Dreamy and Watery Neptune. There is certainly a lesson for Humanity this year in the form of water. Its meaning is to be integrated for the purpose of our Evolution. Don’t be surprised if water plays a key role on the Global Stage. Honour its Virtue and the moment will not go unheeded.

Jupiter will be transiting Gemini and the Lunar Mansion of Krittika at the time of this alignment, highlighting a crossroads. The Signposts point the way home, but we must not be tempted to try a shortcut. It is a time of putting Wisdom gained through the Fires of Purification to use. See with clarity and don’t be deceived by that which is Material in essence but has all the substance of an Apparition.

Neptune will be in Imaginative Pisces and the Lunar Mansion of Shatabhisha. This Energy represents a Healing Crisis. Illness must be faced in all of its ugliness in order for it to be overcome. The Allure of the Devil Known can lead one  astray, but once his mask is removed, the promise of a New Way seems less foreboding and more deeply secure.

Nearly a month later, the Summer’s astrology comes to a close with a harmonious aspect between Jupiter and Uranus. On 22nd July, an aspect of accord known as a Sextile is completed, having started its application a week before the previous two tense aspects, on 17th June.

Jupiter in Gemini, and the Lunar Mansion of Rohini offers a Quantum Leap for those willing to take the Jump. Flexibility to learn, integrate and adapt and Faith to guide hold the Keys to Progress.

Uranus, still in Aries and Uttara Bhadrapada, ensures that the solution, though seemingly abrupt, must be embraced and adopted quickly for the benefit of all. Greet the shift. Though it may surprise and shock, it will not catch you Unaware.

If we wish to break the cords in which we have become entangled, we must see them in reality. They do not anchor stability. Instead they imprison. A Paradigm Shift is only shattering if the entrenchment created has guarded a Wall of Anesthetising Slumber.

Awaken in 2012 and Rise from the Rubble.

Spiritual Revolution transpires before our very eyes.  The approaching New Year is the time for each of us to harmonise with our own Personal Revolutions. This can be more easily attained through a Higher Level of Awareness of the Astrology of 2012 as it impacts your own Personal Astrology. Start the new Year off on Good Footing via a Telephone Consultation with Authentic Man.


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