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Heralds of Restlessness and Global Transformation

authenticsignQuite often, necessarily so, things must get worse before they improve. Think, for instance, if you have a cold or the flu. The illness must be cleansed from the system. And, in the process of doing so, the symptoms intensify.

As we grow progressively closer to the summer months, a tense aspect between Uranus and Retrograde Saturn begins to intensify. Throw a strong dose of Plutonian energy into the equation, and you have an environment that is ripe for massive change.

On 6th May, a general election is slated for the UK. And, it is quite probable that there will be a hung Parliament, a situation where no party has a clear majority. In such a case, a coalition government would have to be formed.

Astrology can help us to understand the climate around the election more fully. Let’s take a deeper look at the aspects formed between these three heralds of global transformation, plus the involvement of another key instigator of impulse, Mars.

Uranus, which is currently transiting the tropical sign of Pisces, and the Vedic lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, is edging closer to an opposition with retrograde Saturn, which is transiting the sign of Virgo and the lunar mansion of Uttara Phalguni. Both of these planets will be forming a sharp aspect with Pluto in Capricorn, and the lunar mansion of Mula.

Mars is in Leo; one of the signs most closely associated with politicians, and will be transiting the lunar mansion of Ashlesha in the days approaching the election. Mars will be intensifying the aspect between Saturn and Uranus, as it forms a sharp aspect with both.

Ashlesha is connected with the power to ensnare, charm and hypnotise. This is the game that politicians excel at, and their success is fed by the ignorance of the masses. But less people are willing to fall prey to their trance-inducing psychobabble and lies. On a massive level, people are becoming more aware of the slumber they have been in. Their anger has awakened them. The sound bytes won’t work this time.

With a hung Parliament as the outcome, as Saturn transits Virgo, strict dogmas would have to be relinquished. Uttara Phalguni, where Saturn is located, is connected with social mores and prosperity through relating. Outdated social models, to which the most popular parties have tightly clung for ages, are no longer the desire of the public.

New ideas and concepts are needed. These fall under the rulership of Uranus, which is also the planet of chaos. Chaos brings conflict, but in its most productive state, it is also the initiator of creativity. Parties, in coalition, would likely resort to endless bickering. But, they would also be held to accountability, which falls under Saturn’s heading. They would have to find agreement. Uttara Bhadrapada, the lunar mansion occupied by Uranus, brings the rains to quell a parched earth. Change can be refreshing. But, it is often preceded by difficulty. This is where Pluto’s influence plays the key role.

Capricorn, where Pluto is presently in retrograde motion, and will still be at the time of the election, is connected with power. This links Capricorn also to the realm of politics. Pluto is in Mula, which is associated with deep truth brought about through trying circumstances.

A deep lesson is being delivered to the politicians. If their “gravy train” is to continue, they are going to, necessarily so, have to learn a bit of humility, which is not the easiest skill for politicians to integrate.

With chaos ensuing in the UK, the rest of Europe, which is already weakened economically and otherwise, would be deeply affected. Dependent upon the balance of power, there could also be the possibility of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Other countries would likely follow suit if this were the case.

A hung Parliament could lead to difficulties for the people of the UK, but it could also strengthen the realisation that self-government and self-reliance are preferable.

Who would be Prime Minister in a coalition government? Gordon Brown? David Cameron? Nick Clegg? I say that the whole lot of them should be sent to the Moon. It could actually be none of the above. And with the changes appearing on the horizon, who knows, perhaps someday in the not too distant future humanity could actually thrive in a state of true independence, free of the influence of the power hungry.

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