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Grand Trine August 2011: Pluto, Jupiter, Sun and Venus – The View Beyond the Nursery Window

‘We are not muddle headed. We are disillusioned with being ruled by a bunch of disfunctional politicians of almost identical persuasions, who spend their time squabbling like infants whilst lining their pockets and the pockets of their friends. Politicians who have no idea what to do about economy, and who remain totally out of touch with us.’ – A Voice of the Disaffected, UK

Social and familial conditioning runs so deep that it is intensely difficult to break free of. We are patterned and imprinted upon by our environment from the very moment we are born by Authority Figures that run the gamut from parents, siblings and friends to institutions such as religion and government. When, little by little, we begin to break these dogmatic bonds, we begin to taste the Essence of True Individual and Universal Freedom.

From early on in life, we witness our parents’ Enslavement to Economy. The daily grind ensues from almost the very moment of our appearance on the planet. At least one of our parents is in a rush to provide Material Security in the form of Monetary Gain, dictated to us by Corporate Leaders from Obscene Pulpits of Governmental Authority. Rather than receive the depth of loving attention that we deserve, we witness at least one of the parents from whom we desire nourishment in a constant Frantic Quest for Elusive Gain.

The twin emotions of resentment and respect are built upon a false sense of understanding of the source of fulfillment. Over the years, we are ingrained with the concept of mimicking the actions of our parents. Then we enter school, where instead of having our true talents nurtured, unless we are fortunate enough to attend a Waldorf  or Steiner school, we are trained in the art of how to become good little taxpayers. We are educated in the skills designed to serve us in the Corporate workplace, instead of building upon the unique and innate talents with which we are born, geared to guide us along our Soul’s Destined Path. We never realise our True Potential, as we are instead forced into a life of Negative Serfdom. We are raised as Slaves to serve Economy, kept in place by a steady diet of Fear of Failure fed to us by parents, government and religious authorities.

But, the True Power lies with the People. There is no longer Material Substance to back up the World Economy. It has collapsed. There has never been any True Substance, as all that which is of a Material Nature is subject to Transience. It has no solidity. The only True Security lies in the Individual Soul. As we are all born as an integral part of a society, it is the Individual that is the Substance of the Society, and therefore the Economy, if Economy is to even continue. Globally, little by little, this Awakening is beginning to dawn. And, the astrology of the moment is beginning to bear this out.

As we approach the end of August, an aspect known as a Grand Trine is applying. A Trine is a harmonious aspect between two planets or sets of planets. When this aspect is existent, the energies of the planets involved work harmoniously with each other. This, however, does not mean that the blending of the planetary energies creates a condition free of challenge. Instead, it indicates that the said planets blend their energies harmoniously in order to create change.

A Grand Trine is a combination of three Trines, and in the closing weeks of August 2011, such a condition is aligning between Pluto, the Sun and Venus, and Jupiter. The alignment happens in two stages, with Pluto becoming exact in aspect with first Venus and then the Sun in the days between 25th and 28th August, and then Jupiter becoming exact with first Venus and then the Sun in the days between 30th August and 3rd September. Pluto and Jupiter are currently forming a Trine, yet have recently been separating.

Looking first to Pluto in the sign most closely related to authority, Capricorn, we find that it is currently passing through the lunar mansion of Mula. Mula is related to Dissolution and Revelation. Old Power Structures are beginning to collapse as their redundancy becomes increasingly clear. A recognition is awakening that those in whom trust has been invested are not worthy of it. They have no wisdom that can keep in place the Masquerade with which they have been hoodwinking the Masses. They do not know how to solve the Global Economic Crisis. Yet, this is positive in potential, rather than negative if we choose to seize the opportunity presently available to forge a New Path.

Pluto is working in harmony with both the Sun and Venus in Virgo during the first application of exactitude of aspect. The Sun and Venus in Virgo warn against propping up an Illusion with a false sense of security. Humanity has a difficult time shifting from the paradigm of Consumption and Mass Materialism because it has been conditioned to believe that this is the Foundation of Security. Similarly, it is difficult to awaken from the Illusion of trusting in Authority to sort problems, rather than investing Power truly into the Hands of the People. From birth, we have always had a Mummy and Daddy to deal with our Monsters. Sadly, there are few that have matured beyond this Condition of Infancy. We invest the same trust in our politicians, rather than finding the answers ourselves. Politicians have a vested interest in Power and its retention. Therefore, they also have the same interest in attempting to further the Illusion of Infancy through Fear and Manipulation.

As the Sun and Venus transit Virgo, the danger of missing the forest due to the trees becomes higher, as does the propensity for the continuance of Mass Hypnosis. Yet, similarly, there is also a profound opportunity for Awakening. The Sun and Venus are passing through Magha, related to ancestors and letting go. The Message is clear that it is time to ‘parent’ ourselves. The Old Ways need not continue. If we are willing to let go of the familiar, then a Radical New Way becomes possible. A Tall Order, but within grasp.

Jupiter, in its current transit of Taurus, suggests that Humanity becomes less rigid in the Old Dogmas and more tenacious in seeking and establishing New Ideas. Jupiter is also passing through the lunar mansion of Bharani, related to the process of Death and the Soul’s transition to the next realm. The energies of Magha, occupied by the Sun and Venus, and Bharani form a two-step process. Magha is the mourning process where Humanity celebrates the passing of the Old. Bharani is the transition and expansion into a New Way. The two processes strengthen each other as the Sun and Venus apply in aspect with Jupiter.

As they do, Jupiter becomes much more potent, as it will be stationing before moving retrograde. As this happens, Jupiter’s energy becomes much more influential. Wisdom can be very deeply integrated, making the propensity for Growth all the more potent. As Jupiter becomes exact in its Trine with Venus on 30th August, it will be in its aforementioned stationary state. Venus, during this time of aspect, will be in the lunar mansion of Purva Phalguni, where it will be joined by the Sun in time for the Sun’s harmonious exactitude of aspect with Jupiter.

The Positive Message for Humanity’s Evolution is one of Cooperation, Networking and forming New Bonds to liberate from the enslavement of the Old. Yet, the potential for Greed also intensifies. And, we are likely to witness World Governments forming their own new alliances in an effort to cling to their Ideologies.

As a species, we may fear the Chaos connected with the shattering of a paradigm. But, do you remember when you were a child and you longed to be an adult? The time for realising that opportunity is now. It is happening globally, although it may not have yet reached your front door.

There is more Strength and Security in accepting Responsibility, than in placing it on the Shoulders of Others.


Child Labour

‘… when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.’ – Thomas Jefferson on the People and Revolution

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