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Grand Earth Trine April 2012 – The Power of Truth

Authentic Man

Truth is eternal, those who stand by it immortal. They are indestructible. Their bodies may feel pain, their hearts sadness and their minds fear. But, at that moment when all doubt ceases and the recognition dawns of the justness of their cause, they are untouchable. No army can defeat them. No government can imprison them, for they have discovered the essence of freedom, whereas others know only a term that is employed to enslave the masses into consumption and gross materialism.

The Truth requires no defence. Instead, it defends and protects. Where there is arrogance you will likely also find lies, fear and delusion. Pride precedes a fall, they say. But those who are humble are close to the earth and also to their own soul. Ego does not hinder their power. Strength flows from every pore of their being. Action performed from a space of love and humility eventually achieves its aim, even if its initial impulse is fueled by a sense of righteous anger.

Beginning 22nd April, we will once again be under the influence of a Grand Earth Trine. Although this one is less sharp and focused than the one of March, it is extremely potent, nonetheless. The planets involved are the Sun, Mars and Pluto. But as this aspect applies, it is also joined by a conjunction between Uranus and Mercury which adds to its intensity.

The Sun, newly arrived in Taurus at the beginning of the application of the trine, is transiting the Lunar Mansion of Ashwini bestowing brilliance, tenacity and progress. The energy tone of Ashwini has the ability to shift matters from a snail’s pace to the speed of light in a few short moments. Yet, there is always the danger that bright light can blind as well as illuminate. Arrogance obscures vision, trust provides clarity.

Mars is once again able to add an active dose of passion to the mix as it has returned to direct motion from its recent retrograde cycle. As Mars has been transiting Virgo, its cycle of retrogradation heralded an intense time of self-analysis for all. And, now that we have the ‘facts straight’, a profound level of progress can be attained. Where there may have recently been doubt, certainty awakens. Mars is in the Lunar Mansion of Magha, giving the ability to detach from our fears and find spiritual strength within. Self-Knowledge bestows wisdom, and wisdom power in its purest and most positive potential.

Pluto in Capricorn is presently in the Lunar Mansion of Purva ashadha. The Lord of the Underworld is not kind to those who would abuse their influence and use it to manipulate others. Nor is he much of a friend to ego, for the ego, through its obstinacy, blocks his ability to reveal the truth. But, for those who champion Universal Justice, he is a formidable and steadfast ally, lending his full strength.

As Mercury applies to its conjunction with Uranus, both in the sign of Aries, it will also be in application to a tense angle with Pluto. Mercury and Uranus are both in the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, which is stormy, intense and unpredictable by nature. A flurry of information can be released with this aspect, shattering paradigms and unearthing insight which can lead to quite an unexpected shift of circumstances.

The Truth can set you free, for its sole purpose is that of liberation. Those who know it, care only for consciousness and its furtherance. They may be frowned upon, vilified, hated and persecuted. But they care not, for they have discovered the wellspring of true dignity. Their moment of honour now approaches.

The Grand Earth Trine of April 2012 reaches its first point of exactitude on 24th April as the Sun and Mars become precise in angle. Look for issues connected with last month’s trine to resurface and reach culmination. To understand the impact of this profound aspect upon your Personal Astrology, I invite you to consider one of my Telephone Consultations!

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