Full Moon in Leo – What Tyrant Withstands the Rising Tide?

The tyrant clings, thinking… that which he holds belongs to him. Yet, power is illusive, and there is no strength, dignity or grace in holding on to something which does not belong to you. The Office of Head of State should be one of stewardship, bestowed by the people. Where this is  not respected,  the people have an inalienable right and duty to alter this.

For far too long have the elite seized control and placed money as the deciding factor of government, influencing policies and determining leadership, whilst those at the bottom are downtrodden and suffer. Yet, a caged animal can only tolerate so much.

On Friday 18th February GMT, the Moon becomes full, opposing a quadruple conjunction in Aquarius, and there is also a tense aspect between Venus and Saturn. On the global scale, this celestial event coincides with the meeting of the G20. High on the agenda is the discussion of soaring food prices and global hunger. Quite an ironic, yet sad picture that bankers and finance ministers from the world’s leading industrial nations are gathering together in Paris,  no doubt to eat sumptuous meals at the taxpayer’s expense. If there were true seriousness about solving the world’s food problems, they would certainly instead feel obliged to Fast for the entire occasion, and fastidiously research ways in which to save the taxpayer’s hard-earned cash.

A New French Revolution would be the honourable path to undertake, close on the heels of revolt in many other countries where the people have decided that they have had their fill; such as Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Iran to name but a few. This would bring a lesson to the G20.

The Moon becomes Full at 8:34 am GMT in the sign of Leo and the lunar mansion of Magha, both associated with rulership. Opposing the Moon are the Sun, Neptune, Mars and Mercury, all of which are very closely clustered together, within 6 degrees, in the Sign of the Masses and Revolution, Aquarius. All of these planets are currently transiting the lunar mansion of Dhanishtha, connected with Independence, blazing a New Path and Prospering.

Transition approaches, and those who cling too tightly to power will only fall harder. Much wiser to relinquish with dignity, grace and responsibility.

In concurrence with the Full Moon, is a tense aspect between Venus and Saturn. This is made all the more powerful by the fact that these two planets are currently occupying signs ruled by the other. Venus is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn; and Saturn in Libra, ruled by Venus.

Venus in the lunar mansion of Purva Ashadha proves that inspiration is building, fueling the fire of global transformation. Actions by those in Tunisia and Egypt which, through sheer determination, toppled dictatorship are strengthening solidarity amongst those still oppressed. Massive change is now possible. Saturn in the lunar mansion of Hasta suggests that those who selfishly try to increase their grip upon the Masses will be brought to justice.

World leaders and petty tyrants everywhere truly need to wake up and smell the strong brew now percolating. The voices of the People will be silenced no longer.

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