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Full Moon in Aries

authenticsignWhy do Full Moons feel so intense? The Moon, in astrology, represents the conceptual nature of the mind. Connection with the feeling capacity, emotions, or the movement of feelings are the Moon’s forte. It is the fastest moving planet. Our minds race here and there when left to their own devices. Our experience of consciousness, and the ability to process the input of our senses and allow ourselves to be touched by the moment, is a faculty that is often a rival of the speed of light. Interesting then, that when the rays of Universal Light reflect off of the Sun, which in turn sheds its light on the Moon fully at the height of the Moon’s cycle, that we should be so deeply affected. Our mind’s most intensely creative and imaginatively fantastic nature is on high alert at these moments in time.

We are even more deeply impacted when the Moon is full in our zodiac sign. A Full Moon is when the Sun is directly opposite the Moon. And when this celestial phenomenon occurs in our sign, often only once a year, we are in the spotlight and in receipt of a blessing by Universal Consciousness as reflected through the planets.

There are two Full Moons in Aries this year. This month’s Full Moon occurs at 10:17 am GMT on 23rd September. This is an exceptionally symbolic peak of the lunation cycle as it occurs just hours after the autumnal equinox, marking the Sun’s entry into the sign of Libra. The Moon will also be void of course, as it will just have moved into the sign of Aries as it becomes full. The Moon can be considered to be in the void when it is in the last three degrees of one sign, or the first three of another. At these times, the nature of the Moon could be considered to be quite vulnerable. And to top it all off, it will be completing a conjunction with both Jupiter and Uranus as it becomes full.

A void of course Moon can, in this instance, be quite potent. The Sun, becoming adjusted to its new home in the sign of balance and refinement, Libra, will be exuding its rays strongly on the day when darkness and light are at their point of balance for the year. The Moon, receiving these points of light, will reach the peak of its lunation in the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada. The energy of this lunar mansion is connected with establishing a balance between the spiritual and material plane by nourishing the need for fulfilment. This occurs through the condensation of ideas.

As the Moon will be in a highly sensitive state, in true Jupiter-Uranus fashion, the controlling nature of the mind can be incapacitated to the degree of allowing an unexpected and inspiring idea to begin to take form. An impulsive spark can turn to a flame and burn brightly and with warmth. The higher the ability to tune into this potential, the greater the opportunity. But, don’t think too hard in order to access this energy. Simply let yourself be touched, and you won’t be able to miss it.

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