Lori S
San Francisco, California
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‘I forgot to mention when we spoke how accurate your reading for me was in December. Back then you mentioned that something would occur on January 1 specific to my consulting business. At the time I heard this, its not that I doubted you, but I thought it would be unlikely I would hear something on January 1st, mainly because it is a holiday. But sure enough, I did find myself speaking with a new client on that exact day, when he officially offered me a short term project! Just thought you’d like to know…have a great day!’ Lori S., San Francisco Bay Area, USA
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Dear Michael ! Last year you gave me a relationship reading and said that I will meet somebody in the beginning of July of next year. It came true. I've met him on July 5th! Thank you so much for your work and knowledge that you share with people! You are amazing!!!
Lin Lungta
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I have been receiving Vedic Astrology readings since 1991. Michael is superior in his breadth of knowledge, intuitive skills, clarity of communication, precision with details, impeccability of follow thru & devotion to his work. Thank you, Michael, for being & sharing your brilliant soul.
Paul Emmanuel Renault
Key Account Manager
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Michael Our session has been mind blowing and I am spending so much time with you on YouTube!!! I am on the verge of leaving my work to make that BIG change. I don’t know why your last videos about Venus in Dhanishtha and the 31st eclipse are so perfectly accurate as to what is happening in my life and in my mind. UNBELIEVABLE 😂. I am just so confused about everything but one thing I know is that spirituality and astrology are my best friends and I want to spend the rest of my life with them 😊 So thank you for bringing astrology to such a high level. You make me want to challenge myself like never before.
San Francisco Bay Area, USA
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‘Thank you so much for the consultation. I truly appreciate your counseling and insight and in helping me to recognize through Vedic Astrology what is going on in my life. My session with you was quite therapeutic and I felt safe in sharing some very deeply painful childhood experiences. Your counseling and healing sessions gave me the strength to finally face these difficulties, and to seek help to eradicate the hurt and pain and searching all these years.’
Mrs P.K. Panglea
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‘Michael Reed is very knowledgeable and a master at astrology. His reading was thoroughly researched and deeply informative. I would highly recommend him to friends and family. Michael had a gentle manner of giving me the difficult truth that I needed to hear. I appreciated his “no fluff” approach and telling it like it is! The information he provided was very much appreciated and invaluable. I am grateful to have found a brilliantly skilled astrologer.’

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Michael Reed, Vedic Astrologer

Michael Reed has over 25 years of Astrological experience. With a depth of background, he has had years in which to polish techniques and learn the secrets of how Astrology works! In this time, he has shared his techniques with both beginners and seasoned professionals!

Through his consultations, in addition to prediction he also fosters a powerful journey of self-discovery, shedding light on gifts and  strengthening any weaknesses in order to transmute them into potential and power. Remedial recommendations are often made to bring clients to a greater state of harmony. The key to the conscious use of astrology lies in self-acceptance through the understanding of unique karmic opportunities which one may  face at any given moment in time. With consciousness comes the gift of Truth, all you have to do is to unwrap the present.

common questions

It’s not necessary for you to do so. When no specific questions are asked, I do a general reading on the 30, 60 and 90 Minute Consultations. But, you will likely find that you get more from your time if you try to get clear on what you are expecting from your reading . I find formulating specific questions usually helps with that!

Everything I discuss with my clients is held in the strictest of confidence.

I like to inform my clients that where possible I prefer to work with the tropical zodiac using sidereal nakshatras and a special ayanamsa using the Galactic Centre as a reference point. Both the sidereal zodiac and tropical zodiac have the capacity to produce exceptionally accurate information and predictions. Neither is intrinsically right or wrong in my opinion. Ultimately, what sets a strong foundation for an accurate prediction is an astrologer’s faith in his techniques and the client’s faith in the astrologer. However, with the techniques that I use I have found the tropical zodiac with sidereal nakshatras to give more precision. The scientific foundation for using these calculations is further substantiated by information which appears in two Ancient Classic texts, the first is Surya Siddhanta which is the ancient astronomical text which is foundational to Vedic Astrology and the other is Srimad Bhagavatam, one of the eighteen great puranas of Vedic Literature. But, my own scientific conclusion for using these techniques has come after testing both systems over hundreds of charts. If you have had a Vedic Consultation before with another astrologer who was not using this system, then some of the sign positions of your planets may change. As I pride myself on delivering the greatest accuracy that I can to my clients, I prefer to use this system if agreeable.

Here is the reasoning behind the Nakshatra Calculations I use. Many people judge the coordinates of the fixed stars related to the Nakshatras in relevance to where they appear to intersect the ecliptic, or more simply put the path of the Sun as it journeys from Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice and back again. This path moves roughly North-South. But as the Earth rotates on its axis, though the stars may appear to rise and fall in a manner that gives the perspective of their movement to be North-South, in actuality they are moving in relevance to the rotation of the Earth on its axis, in a manner that is separate from the Earth’s rotation around the Sun, and in a manner that is actually more aligned with East-West. In my opinion and with the theory that I am working with upon which the calculations I use are founded, trying to judge the coordinates of a particular star in relevance to the ecliptic will not provide as accurate a representation as doing so from as close an approximation of the location of that fixed star as possible. So, I use a calculation that judges Nakshatra position in relevance to Dhruva (the pole star) and the equator using the coordinates given in Surya Siddhanta as a reference point. This creates a right angle from the Earth’s poles to the equator and as the stars move East-West rather than North-South, I believe will provide a more accurate representation of the actual position of the fixed stars related to the Nakshatras. I have found this to be both more scientific in theory and more accurate in interpretation using the Vedic Astrology techniques that I utilise as laid out in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Jaimini’s Upadesa Sutras and many other classical texts. This is not to say that others may not be able to give accurate predictions using other systems, but instead to say that I have found this system to work best for the calculations that I utilise. The ayanamsa one uses will also impact the position of a planet in a Nakshatra.