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Consolation – Moon in Revati 22nd June, 2022

Moon in Revati – Though you cannot force the outcome, you can control your response! I know that may sound like some crap consolation prize with the situation that you currently face. But, it matters more than you may be recognising. You are doing the right thing. It’s just that momentum is much slower than you would like for it to be. It may hurt more than your pride to accept that you cannot coax the situation. But you are gaining valuable skills in maintaining equanimity! And when change finally occurs? You will be glad that you waited the situation out with humility!

Part 2 of How Astrology Works explains the Signs as the Limbs of Kala Purusha ‘Time Personified’. The Planets exude their rays creating Consciousness in the Limbs to effect change in the different areas of our lives through the Houses. Join Us at 8 PM London Time June 22nd for Part 2 of How Astrology Works. Join Here!

Vara: Mercury
Tithi: Krishna Navami
Karana: Gara
Yoga: Atiganda

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