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Changing of the Lunar Nodes September, 2012 – The Revelation of a New Dawn

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Humanity has become sickened to a state of deep addiction. Reliant on its materialistic props, it has lost the ability to function without them. It has lost its inherent skills, the gift bestowed upon it by a Benevolent Universe. Like any junkie, it can seize the opportunity to kick the habit. But, its path is long and arduous. Traversing it, which we now all must, separates the wheat from the chaff, the courageous from the cowards and the awake from the ignorant.

Opportunities are always presented to us, but not necessarily lavished upon us. The Cosmos begs that we recognise their presence and utilise our free will to remove the layers of superficial wrapping in order to attain the gift within. True blessings are the ones that continue to give whilst never diminishing. Yet, we have enshrouded ourselves in darkness whilst pursuing the alluring glimmer of momentary gratification.

Change will certainly come to break us of our dependence. As a matter of fact, it is already upon us. Clinging to the monkey of mass materialism which is ever present upon our back shall only encumber us to a death march. That choice is ours, as we always can choose. Yet, making the decision to liberate ourselves from enslavement can also be made. Our collective karma as a species is now revisiting us. We can either walk the conscious path of resolving it, or be forced to relinquish our iron grip.

On 2nd September, 2012, the Lunar Nodes complete their cycle of approximately 18 months per zodiac sign by shifting to a new sector of the sky. The Nodes are representative  of the interplay of karma. Positioned always directly across from each other in the zodiac, they are the points which cause eclipses. Therefore, they are always symbolic of something which can be eclipsed from our view. The South Node is connected with the lessons of the past which need to be integrated, whilst the North Node relates to the path we tread in order to do so. Completing their cycle in Sagittarius (North Node) and Gemini (South Node), they will now be shifting to the signs of Scorpio (North Node) and Taurus (South Node). It should be noted the Nodes regress through the signs rather than making forward motion. We learn from the past in order to evolve.

The South Node, in the sign of Taurus, will be continuing to transit the Lunar Mansion of Krittika where it will remain until the 4th March 2013. Krittika is both constructive and destructive by nature. Its purpose is to burn away the impurities which threaten to hinder our evolution. This occurs in conjunction with the bolstering of our propensity for progress in direct proportion to our ability to unburden ourselves of our negative patterns. Receptive in its function, it is likened to a surgical tool, with the respective planet occupying it acting as the surgeon. As any surgeon acts as the guide for the instrument of operation, the resultant reaction is affected by the energy tone of the respective planet. In this case, with the South Node as its force in residence, chaos is building globally. We are being asked to cultivate detachment from our gross consumption and show respect for the opulence on offer to us from Nature. Taurean obstinacy must be supplanted with determination to attenuate our addiction.

As the North Node enters Scorpio, it is presently transiting the Lunar Mansion of Anuradha, where it will remain until 30th October, 2012. The energy of Anuradha reveals to us with the coming dawn that which has been concealed from us by the veil of ignorance and delusive illusion. As with all other planetary inhabitants, we have the ability to live in harmony with our planet, and indeed the Universe. Yet, we have squandered our inheritance of Conscious Potential on a few glimmering pieces of gold, soon to pass with the fading day never again to be regained. In the process, we destroy our environment, ecosystem and each other, all in the name of ‘progress’. We must be shaken from our numbing apathy and develop fidelity to a loving relationship with the Universe we inhabit.

Truth can shatter our deeply entrenched paradigms, rending the wall asunder behind which we have entrenched ourselves in our negativity. For those who wish to continue the path of unconsciousness, this process is deeply devastating. But, for those who value conscious growth and awareness this is an immensely enlightening experience. The reality you experience is yours to choose, limited only by your reaction to the stimuli now imminent. Respond with receptivity, wisdom and virtue.

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