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Capricorn Lunar Eclipse and the Grand Cross

authenticsign Have you ever wished that you could enter a portal and pass from one dimension into another? A couple of times a year, we are granted just such an opportunity. And if we focus our awareness at these times, we can take advantage of the profound prospect that is being offered to us. These gateways come in the form of eclipses, and herald a shift in consciousness. Eclipses always come in pairs. There will always be a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse within two weeks of each other. The first eclipse marks the opening of the portal, and the second, its closing.

We are approaching a lunar eclipse that becomes exact at 12:30 pm GMT on 26th June, 2010. The significance of this eclipse is massive as it coincides with a Grand Cross. In order to understand what constitutes a Grand Cross, we need to first understand the astrological aspect known as a square. A square is a tense aspect formed between planets that are at an angle of 90 degrees from each other. A Grand Cross is formed by four squares. Sound intense and challenging? Well, it’s certainly no piece of cake, that’s for sure. But without tension, there can be no release. A Grand Cross is a trial, yet we have a chance to excel by facing difficulty with awareness.

Astrological omens portend that this is a very meaningful time which we are approaching. A comet, the astrological equivalent of a messenger, has recently appeared and will reach its zenith in luminance around the time of the eclipse, expounding its significance. A comet becomes brightest as it nears the Sun, and the Sun’s light makes the comet’s meaning clearer.

The Grand Cross which we are approaching will be formed by a Moon and Pluto conjunction, which will be squaring off with a Jupiter and Uranus conjunction. Jupiter and Uranus are forming a square with the Sun and Mercury which are also conjuncting each other. The Sun and Mercury form a more distant square with Saturn. And Saturn also forms a distant square with the Moon and Pluto. As a Lunar Eclipse always occurs on a Full Moon, which is when the Sun is opposite the Moon, the eclipse forms a part of this cosmic configuration.

The Moon and Pluto will be in the tropical sign of Capricorn whilst transiting the lunar mansion of Mula at the time of the eclipse. Mula destroys illusion, cutting to the core so that truth may be revealed. Its process is often destructive and painful. But continuing to live in denial is even more harmful.

Directly opposite the Moon and Pluto, are the Sun and Mercury. They are in the sign of Cancer and the lunar mansion of Ardra. Effort and awareness are necessary for any change. True security is found in the strength of the soul, the witness to the chain of cause and effect. From this perspective, awareness guides the way. Any pain experienced in the process serves to instruct, and to foster evolution.

Saturn is presently in the final degrees of Virgo and the lunar mansion of Uttara Phalguni. Ethics and a willingness to harmonise with the Higher Plan are crucial. The lower mind creates dogma, but the higher, in communication with the soul follows dharma, the path of righteousness.

Uranus and Jupiter, currently in Aries and Uttara Bhadrapada provide an opportunity for positive change. The spiritual realm and the physical must cooperate in balance. Following this path brings relief from devastation.

We are undergoing massive planetary changes. Natural disasters abound. Humanity has wrecked its home and refuses to accept responsibility for the clean-up. World economies continue to collapse. But, is this negative? Those in power face consistent challenge to their positions whilst still touting the same old sound bytes. Can this continue? Obviously not. Although gradual, we are experiencing planetary revolution. Nothing can remain the same. Things must change. Individually, we are all experiencing a personal revolution in one area of our lives. This is no surprise as we are all a part of the Greater Whole. We can participate positively in the process.

Wake up to the truth that is stirring in your soul! Be vigilant! This is no time for your conscience to nap. Are you a part of the problem?! Or are you a part of the soulution?! You do have a choice. In fact, you always have had. Don’t waste another moment.

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