It was a lovely warm, sunny day, and Brock the Black Bear and Sox the Rottweiler woke to the sound of the sheep bleeting happily in the fields outside. They felt so happy that the sun was shining, that they got up by 10.00am, rather than midday, which is when these two sleepy characters usually managed to stir themselves, driven by growling hungry stomachs!

“Hey Brock – it’s such a fabulous day. How about using Jules’ and Ryan’s bikes while they’re at school and cycling to the shops for breakfast today?”

“Yeah, that sounds cool dude. Awesome. Let’s beat it right now – my stomach can’t wait much longer.”

So, they rushed outside to get the bikes; but Sox stopped before getting on to Jules’, beginning to feel rather agitated…..

“Hey dude, what gives?” asked Brock.

“Look, I don’t know about you, but I have to pee before I get on this contraption. Won’t be a mo……”

“Sure thing dude”, drawled Brock.

A few minutes later, the intrepid pair set off, Brock wobbling rather unsteadily, Sox zooming off at top speed.

“Hey dude, if you don’t slow down you’ll be on your way back here before I even get there,” puffed Brock.

Sox slowed down and waited for Brock to catch up. Half an hour later, as Brock huffed and puffed up beside him, the two set off slowly – together, this time, Sox nearly falling off because he had to pedal so slowly to keep pace with his pal! Rolling down the hill into the town, the two gazed around at the peaceful countryside – until Sox caught sight of a rabbit nibbling the grass the other side of a hedge.

“Hey Brock, maybe that rabbit will do for my breakfast instead….I’m not sure I’ll make it until we get to the shops, the rate you’re pedaling…..”

“Well go for it if you like – but I figured we could treat ourselves to some yummy chocolate from the vending machines if you can only manage to control your tummy grumblings for long enough. I’ll try and speed things up a bit. Awesome.”

“CHOCOLATE!!!” Ok, you’ve convinced me. I’ll hang loose with the grumblings – the mere thought of crunching that yummy stuff will keep me going for a while!”

After nearly causing a serious traffic accident on the A38 when Brock got taken short and had to drop his bike in a serious hurry to pee – (a bus almost ran over Jules’ bike, and Brock knew he’d be in serious trouble with Jules if that happened….which made him need to pee for a long time with nervousness at the mere thought….), the by now exhausted and starving pair finally arrived at the shops, making their way to the park area to leave the bikes whilst they went in search of their breakfast. They realized that they had nowhere to chain the bikes to – actually, even if they had had somewhere, they didn’t have a chain or padlock, so that wouldn’t have worked anyway – and had a brief discussion about how to ensure that the bikes weren’t stolen whilst they were gone. They both knew how much trouble they would be in if that happened, and didn’t care to think about the fact that they would probably be sent into the wardrobe in disgrace, rather than being allowed their usual privilege of snuggling up beside Jules on his bed each night.

They made the decision to use their innate talent for scaring away intruders from Jules’ bedroom, and promptly began to bark savagely and roar with frightening ferocity, which sent the entire population around the shopping centre rushing to their cars and driving away at top speed, in fear of their lives. The sound of police car sirens could be heard in the distance, heading their way, after the terrified shopping centre management dialed 999, fearing that Paignton Zoo had lost two of its most ferocious inhabitants who had managed to make their way to the centre set upon devouring all the shoppers – along with their Cornish Pasties!

“Blimey Brock, we’ve got the place to ourselves now. At least no-one will notice us ransacking the chocolate machine for free bars. Come on, let’s go, I’m starving.”

“Sure thing, Dude.”

So the two made their way to the chocolate machine, watching in complete awe and amazement at the mayhem erupting around them, as people screamed in terror at the sight of a Black Bear and Rampant Rottweiler on the loose.

“Cor Brock – if only Jules could see this! There’d be a huge salmon and an enormous juicy bone for tea, I’m sure, he’d be SO impressed with the effect we have upon the people around here!”

“Yeah Dude – right on!”

Brock and Sox spent the next few minutes shaking the chocolate machine around, eventually managing to get 2 kitkats to fall down into the slot. With barks and growls of famished glee, they then made their way back to the park – where, of course, the two bikes were still safely resting against a tree.

No dark lonely wardrobe for them, tonight, after all!

“Awesome”, growled Brock.

They set about ripping the wrappers off of their kitkats, and then, with growls of pure pleasure from both of them, began savouring the delicious taste of their breakfast. The time passed satisfyingly by for a few moments, until, unexpectedly and almost as if from nowhere, two hungry peacocks came strolling up to their table. Sox nearly passed out.

“BROCK!”, he whimpered……”HEEEELLLLLP – there’s two scary looking characters come to attack us and steal our yummy chocolate!”

Brock took one look at the colourful strutting pair of peacocks with their beady eyes intent on the contents of his and Sox’ paws – and promptly began stuffing his mouth with the remainder of his kitkat, which was still rather a lot, as he liked to savour the taste of his food…..This resulted in him being unable to utter another word, as his mouth was bulging at the sides with so much chocolate! Sox glared at Brock for his lack of assistance in scaring away the two looming chocolate thieves – then promptly stuffed the rest of his own kitkat into his mouth, leaving both of them unable to communicate with each other, or do anything other than to make a rapid dash for the bikes, and pedaling away frantically for the sake of their beloved chocolate breakfast! So intent were they on escaping the two chocolate thieves that they whizzed past the honking queue of cars trying to escape from – THEM!

Sox, having swallowed the remainder of his kitkat, barked out wildly to the terrified occupants as he whizzed past on his bike.

“Look out you guys, there’s a couple of crazed, evil peacocks on the loose – hide your pasties, lock up your valuables, run for your lives……!!”

The pair then continued racing all the way back to Jules’ bedroom, Brock nearly choking on his chocolate in his crazed state of panic. When they finally arrived, they ran up the stairs, scrambled into the bedroom, and slammed shut the door behind them, puffing and wheezing like a speeding pair of Thomas the Tank Engines.

“Whoa, Dude, that was CLOSE!” wheezed Brock.

“Yeah, I thought we were gonners for sure – those crazy peacocks were SCARY!” gulped Sox. “Mind you, Brock, I think we ought to keep this little adventure a secret from Jules. He might get the impression, well, you know, that somehow we might be scaredy cats!”

“Yeah Sox, you’re right. You sure we’re not, though?” pondered Brock.

“GRRrrrrrrrrrr” growled Sox in reply. “NEVER!”.

“ROOOAArrrrrrrrr” roared Brock; “Nah, we’re just totally AWESOME, Dude!”