Authentic Astrology Audiocast – First Broadcast Free!

Authentic Astrology is pleased to announce the launch of a new weekly Authentic Audiocast service within our Authentic Subscribers‘ section. The Audiocasts will cover the technicalities and interpretations of the prevailing Astrology for each week. As an introduction to our readers, we are making the first broadcast openly available to all. This week, some of the aspects covered by Authentic Man include the influence of the Summer Solstice, the powerful Trine between the Sun and Neptune, and the testing Square applying between Mars and Neptune. We hope you will enjoy and appreciate the Broadcast enough to become a subscribing Authentic Listener, and thereby support the use and promotion of Conscious Astrology. It’s the Language of the Universe! To listen to the broadcast, simply click on the link below, and enjoy!

Authentic Astrology Audiocast – Summer Solstice 2011

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