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Authentic Astrology Radio ~ Show Recording 6th December, 2012

Authentic man (Michael Reed)

As Uranus now in preparation for its shift toward direct motion on 13th December, we are being called to action with determination, devotion and awareness as our foundation. We must avail ourselves of the opportunity to innovate and instigate a new Spiritual and Human Revolution. The last several months have paved the way. The time for action is now! In this edition of Authentic Astrology Radio, I cover Uranus’ Station Direct, which coincides with a New Moon in Sagittarius.


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If you truly value and appreciate all the Conscious work of Authentic Astrology, then you can play a vital sustaining and supportive  role in the continuation of its Message and Mission by availing yourself of the pro-sperous benefits, wisdom and clarity to be gained from either one of my range of In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports ~ or from a highly empathic and enlightening Telephone Consultation. Thank you for your valuable readership and vital support. We’re working for Change. AM

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