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Authentic Astrology Radio ~ Show Recording 20th November, 2012

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

The fires of passion can quickly become a raging inferno consuming all who happen to stand in its way. But, the very same energy can be used constructively. We must become passionate about the change we wish to see in the world, Yet, our vision must be all encompassing, not narrow-minded. Our actions must now be directed toward the benefit of all, not just the overly precious 1%. In this edition of Authentic Astrology Radio, I cover the approaching conjunction between Mars and Pluto, exact on the 27th November, and the Gemini Lunar Eclipse on the 28th.[powerpress url=”https://michaelreedastrology.com/radio/radio201112.mp3″]

The Creative potential available within an Eclipse cycle is phenomenal. To avail yourself of the full opportunity available to you at this profound moment, please consider either an In-Depth Personalised Audio Report or a Telephone Consultation. Through either option, you will be providing vital support to the Mission of Authentic Astrology of promoting the Conscious Use of Astrology as the Language of the Universe. Together we are stronger! – AM

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