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Authentic Astrology Audiocast – Sun Square Pluto March 2012

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Tense aspects between the Sun and Pluto are noted for bringing to the light of day darkness which had previously been obscured. The current square between the Sun and Pluto is exceptionally powerful due to the Sun’s recent conjunction with Uranus, which is adding a degree of uncertainty to the tone of the aspect. Additionally, a harmonious aspect between Saturn and Pluto is ensuring that through the Sun-Pluto square, the abuse of power shall be brought to Justice. To more fully understand the meaning of these profound aspects, please listen to my FREE Authentic Astrology Audiocast below. [powerpress url=”https://michaelreedastrology.com/audiocasts/audiocast240312.flv”]

A week of revelation is upon us as we approach the tense aspect between the Sun and Pluto. To understand the impact this alignment will have upon your Complete Astrology, please consider one of my In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports. By ordering now, you can follow up with a One Hour Telephone Consultation at a 33% discount. For further information, or to avail yourself of this opportunity, please email me at authenticastrology@gmail.com.

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