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Solar Eclipse in Gemini May 2012 – Authentic Astrology Audiocast

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The Solar Eclipse in Gemini of 21st May, 2012 heralds the shattering of a paradigm and an opportunity for liberation. Humanity has built a fortress based upon a delusional foundation which was designed to create security. But, it is no longer sustainable. The Truth now dawns, and the Dark Structure which attempted to keep it in abeyance stands only to be reduced to a pile of rubble. In this edition of the FREE Authentic Astrology Audiocast, I discuss the opening of the eclipse portal. [powerpress url=”https://michaelreedastrology.com/audiocasts/audiocast010512.flv”]

In the days building to the Solar Eclipse in Gemini, we will be under the influence of the third Grand Earth Trine in as many months, this time between Mercury, Mars and Pluto. In combination with the opening of the Eclipse Portal, the intensity of the prevalent Astrological Energies is massive, but opportunity is profound. To understand the full impact of this enigmatic and intriguing Celestial Climate, I invite you to consider having either a Telephone Consultation or an In-Depth Personlaised Audio Report. Both are based upon your Complete Astrology as shown in your birth chart, not just your Sun Sign.

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