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Jupiter Stations Retrograde October 2012 – Authentic Man Astrology Audiocast

A momentous change is just around the corner. Can you feel it? Three planets; Mars, Mercury and Saturn will soon move into new sectors of the zodiac, all within three days. Additionally, expansive Jupiter will be stationing before commencing it’s retrograde motion, which will continue until early 2013. The stage must be set for the approaching changes. To herald the shift with wisdom and insight, inner work must now be undergone to clear the way. In this edition of my FREE Authentic Astrology Audiocast, I cover Jupiter’s change of direction![powerpress url=”https://michaelreedastrology.com/audiocasts/audiocast031012.flv”]

The approaching astrological environment is profound and powerful. All of our lives will be deeply affected. To make the most of these changes, I invite you to consider a One Hour Telephone Consultation with me. As an added bonus, you will then receive a FREE One Month’s Subscription to our Authentic Subscribers’ Service, which includes a Weekly 15 Minute Audio based upon the week’s astrological alignments, each week of the month. This is based upon your COMPLETE Personal Astrology, not just your Sun Sign. You will also receive a further twice yearly discount on a One Hour Telephone Consultation to be used at your discretion! For More information, or to order, please Click Here.

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