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Grand Earth Trine March 2012 – Authentic Man Astrology Audiocast

Authentic Man

Beginning 2nd March, we will be under the influence of an intense alignment known as a Grand Trine involving Jupiter, Venus, Pluto and retrograde Mars, all of which will be in Earth Signs. Profound changes for Humanity and the Planet are in the making. Strength comes to those willing to wield it with Awareness and Responsibility. You can learn more about the potential of this Celestial Event by listening to my Free Audiocast.[powerpress url=”https://michaelreedastrology.com/audiocasts/audiocast240212.flv”]

As we approach the Grand Earth Trine, another aspect is building upon the intensity of this rare alignment. Mercury is approaching a tense aspect with Pluto, and will be within 3 degrees of arc before Mercury stations retrograde on the 12th. I have recently recorded a new edition of the Authentic Astrology Audiocast based upon this profound aspect. You can listen to it for free by clicking here. To find out how to avail yourself of the full potential of both the Grand Earth Trine and the Mercury-Pluto Square, please consider either one of my In-depth Personalised Audio Reports based upon your Complete Astrology, or one of my Telephone Consultation packages. Through either of these mediums with Authentic Man, you will find out about the impact of this intense and transformational aspect upon your Complete Personal Astrology. For further offerings of Astrological Insight, please join me on Facebook.

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