Astrological Profiles of Prominence – Chinese Dissident Liu Xianbin

Liu Xianbin, a Chinese human rights activist, was sentenced on Friday to ten years in prison for “inciting subversion of state power” in China. If he serves his full sentence, currently 42 years of age, released at 52 years of age, he would have spent nearly half of his life in prison for standing for his ideals.

Liu was imprisoned for writing articles advocating democracy and in criticism of the Chinese government. An organiser for the Tiananmen Square movement, he has previously been arrested for standing in his strength against an autocratic Power Machine.

His astrological profile is a study in the nodes and can be most deeply understood through an examination of the most prominent lunar mansions in his chart. The nodes, heralds of destiny and karma in astrology, have further meaning less touched upon in tropical astrology circles. Born 2nd October, 1968 in Suining, Sichuan, China, Xianbin is a Sun Sign Libra. Born within 5 days of a lunar eclipse, his Sun is very closely conjunct his natal South Node. The South Node has a tendency to unleash the energy of any planet it comes into contact with. With his Sun in Libra, Liu’s desire to see justice met and the people of China liberated from tyranny is beyond measure. On another level, his soul is so free, his determination so strong that no length of a prison sentence would thwart his actions, shift his beliefs nor silence his voice. This virtue is furthered by the placement of these two celestial entities in the lunar mansion of Hasta, connected with a strong ability for manifestation.

As a writer, Liu has an exceptionally powerful second solar house, known in Vedic Astrology to be the sector of the chart associated with speech. Venus, the planet of the arts, is conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. He values the truth, and his passion propels him to see it upheld. Both Venus and Mercury occupy the restless asterism of Swati, driven by a strong sense of independence.

Even if jailed for the rest of his life, the bars that threaten to confine him could not hold at bay the Message of Righteousness he has for humanity, nor his desire to see a government that would hold the masses in enslavement with a web of illusion, overthrown. His natal Neptune, also in Scorpio and the lunar mansion of Vishakha gives him the ability to persevere with patience to cut through the veil of obfuscating lies spun by the regime.

Opposite his natal South Node, his North Node, in the sign of Aries and the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, is soon to be transited by the Sun as it applies to a tense aspect with Pluto in the sky. His words, and the movement for democracy in China is likely to be strengthened by his imprisonment. His cause grows stronger and justice will only be ever more deeply served. His sentencing could very well become a spark to light the way for reform at the very least.

His natal Pluto, in Virgo, is conjunct both Jupiter in Virgo and radical Uranus in Libra. All three of these planets are in Uttara Phalguni, a strong promulgator of social justice. The Universe utilises the Conscious, who are only too willing to serve its purpose. And as Uranus approaches an exact opposition to his natal Uranus, his seventh solar house, connected with judicial matters, is fanning the flame of social justice. His voice, along with other Revolutionaries of Consciousness, is soon to be joined by a deafening cacophony, certain to silence the entrancing lies of the Power and Money-mongers desirous of furthering ignorance and the enslavement of humanity.

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