Aquarian New Moon in Dhanishtha

authenticsignThe Aquarian New Moon becomes exact at 8:51 pm CST in the lunar mansion of Dhanishtha. This New Moon comes at the end of an intense astrological week with Retrograde Mars forming tense angles with Jupiter, Pluto, Venus and Mercury.

This is an especially powerful period as Mars is the ruler of Dhanishta, and from the Vedic perspective on astrology, it aspects three planets within its own lunar mansion.

When a planet is retrograde, it shines brighter in the night sky and is exceptionally powerful. As it is in retrograde motion, its processes are internalised. Mars retrograde periods are times for internal exploration and spiritual discovery.

Dhanishtha, symbolised by a drum, has a quality connected with authenticity and innovation. It has the ability to bring recognition, realisation and prosperity. We often understand prosperity in a purely materialistic sense of the word. But abundance of the deepest sort is spiritual wealth. All else flows from this type of prosperity (prospero= “pro spirit”).

Humanity is being asked as a whole to accept responsibility and to become more self-reliant. We have become too dependent on consumerism and materialism; but also governments run by corporations that would like to sell us more of these two “products”.

We have become too far estranged from our creative essence and our ability to innovate. We buy new products to bring fulfilment rather than using and reusing resources that are readily available to us. We allow supermarkets to bring us our food, with no benefit to the farmer, rather than remembering and recognising where our food comes from. Humanity has, sadly enough, lost its humanity, its essence. This is the period on the planet where we are being asked to recognise this, and to regain it.

Individually, as we enter these times, we are each being called upon to understand more deeply the purpose that we serve within the greater whole. A strengthening of the self is developing, and this is being gained through Neptune’s transit of Dhanishtha, as Neptune is the planet of spiritual realisation. It is presently being highlighted by the Sun’s presence in this asterism, along with the Moon, which brings the quality of reflection.

Mars, as it has been forming tense alignments this week, has been transiting the sign of “Self”, Leo. As this sign is also associated with leadership, much has been brought to our awareness regarding world leaders and their inability to deal with a humanitarian nightmare. Also, the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war has been bringing to the surface the massive abuse of power that was the foundation for this unjust war.

Mars has been forming tense angles with Jupiter, Pluto, Venus and Mercury. Let’s take a deeper look at this energy through the lens of the nakshatras of Vedic astrology.

Mars is transiting the nakshatra of Pushya, which has the power of creating spiritual energy. As Mars has been forming many sharp alignments this week, it is creating spiritual realisation through these angles and teaching its lesson through its own lunar mansion, Dhanishtha.

Mars is separating from a tense angle, known as a quincunx, with Jupiter. Jupiter occupies the nakshatra of Shatabhisha, which is associated with a “healing crisis”, and the creation of deep understanding through calamity. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is transiting the spiritually based sign of Pisces, expanding humanity’s evolution. With the recent events in Haiti, we are being asked to look at how greed and power have superseded altruism.

Jupiter is joined in Pisces and Shatabhisha by Venus, also forming a quincunx with Mars. Venus, the planet of values and healing is operating at its highest in Pisces. Humanity is being asked to develop a deeper set of ethics and values.

Mars is forming the same angle with Pluto, and will be separating at the time of the New Moon. Pluto is in the lunar mansion of Mula. Mula, symbolised by a bunch of roots tied together brings destruction of the negative and superficial so that positivity can thrive and the truth be revealed. Mula’s energy is similar to that of Pluto, so Pluto is able to reap potent results through this nakshatra.

In connection with this alignment is a separating Pluto-Saturn square (tense) and an applying Mars-Saturn sextile, which is harmonious. Saturn is in Libra, the sign of justice. The abuse of power cannot thrive in this atmosphere, as it is unable to hide from the light of truth.

Saturn is retrograde in the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni. One of the associations of this lunar mansion is proper conduct and the path of righteousness. With Saturn’s aspects to both Mars and Pluto, the emphasis is on how badly things have become imbalanced through the improper focus on a money based world society.

Mars’ opposition to Mercury, which has recently moved into Aquarius and will be transiting the lunar mansion of Sravana when the Moon is new, is creating an energy of restlessness. Mars is the planet of action, and when it is retrograde its energy is challenged in this regard. Mercury, however, is associated with both movement and thought. This uneasy energy is designed to spark not only creative thought, but also reflection. And, all action should have both at its basis, just as fire is sparked by both flint and stone.

Sravana is associated with hearing and the understanding of the connection between all things. With an opposition to Mars in Leo, we are being asked to understand the difference between when we are acting from a space of selfishness, and when our actions are for the greater good of all.

Things have gotten incredibly out of hand due to self-centred thinking. Unhindered capitalism has run rampant, feeding its cohorts greed and power. Truth, righteousness and altruism have been hidden beneath the rubble of the destruction wrought by this evil, like the earthquake victims left forgotten, and abandoned, beneath the wreckage.

Not for long? Let’s hope so.

New Moons are periods for planting seeds. It’s time to cultivate deeper awareness, strength and commitment. The time is ripe.

How have the recent Mars alignments and the New Moon in Aquarius impacted upon your personal astrology? If you would like to find out, please consider one of our Telephone Consultations.

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