Anuradha 14th June, 2011 – Honour and Balance

Where a decision is to be made, a sense of perspective and clarity is sorely needed. Yet, it can sometimes also be peculiarly absent, creating quite a predicament. In such cases, it is important to seek the input of the heart. Yet, again, when one’s actions impact upon the feelings of another, the heart does not always provide the clearest of vision.  Understand your truest desires, and that of those impacted. If possible, find a balance. Honour the concept of Right Relationship, unique to every connection. Let go of that which most needs to be relinquished in the situation. Seek neither your own selfish ends, nor deny your own sense of dignity. Whilst you may be walking a Cosmic and Karmic Tightrope of sorts, neither look down, nor behind you. Only looking ahead can help you to maintain your balance.

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