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The Crumbling of the Iron Fist – Jupiter Saturn Opposition March 2011

Does not the desire to control naturally imply a fear of losing grip? Where there is a thirst for power, it is also quite likely accompanied by a deeply rooted insecurity. There is an ancient Chinese proverb, “You cannot gather water with closed fists.” All who try to control and manipulate must eventually learn that there is much that is beyond their sway. For far too long, politicians, religious autocrats and tyrants of every sort have sought to preserve their plump posteriors through hypnotising the masses with fear. But, all that it takes is one small taste of true Freedom and Democracy, and minds long closed to open and unhindered thought once again start percolating. They see through to the Heart of the Truth, and fear no longer has a hold upon them. Such has been the course of recent Human events.

Although it is somewhat of a delayed response, the Opposition which  occurred intermittently from 2008 until this past summer between Revolutionary Uranus and Restrictive Saturn is beginning to bear its fruits. Expansive Jupiter has recently passed over the last point of exactitude of aspect between these two planets. As it continues its transit of fiery Aries, it is stirring the fire of Activism globally.

Within the next week, it will also begin to apply to an Opposition with Saturn, which becomes exact on 28th March, 2011. The refreshing transformation which we are currently experiencing is due to Jupiter’s transit of the lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada, bringing about long overdue Balance.

Saturn is currently retrograde and occupying the lunar mansion of Hasta, and the sign of Libra. It will remain in this state for the duration of its applying angle with Jupiter. Retrograde Saturn can have an overbearing and oppressive air to its restrictive vibration. As they sense that the Iron Fist of Absolutism is beginning to decay with rust, those with a vested interest in Control will vie for any possible technique to attempt to tighten their hold.

Jupiter, however, has a protective quality. For a large portion of its Opposition with Saturn, it will be making its move through the lunar mansion of Revati, protecting and ensuring the newly found courage and unfettered thought of the growing mainstream of Humanity. It will be occupying this asterism at the time of its exact aspect.

Following closely on its heels, on the 3rd April, Jupiter has five other planets in Aries profoundly tipping the scales in its favour for a Revati (Aries) New Moon. (There will be a future article on this). Joining Jupiter will be Reflective and Retrograde Mercury, Radical Uranus, the Sun and the Moon, and, of course, the Passionately Perturbed Mars, itself the ruler of Aries. Inaction will not be seen to be a byword of this period in Time.

Once an Illusionist has cast a hoax for too long, it is only a matter of time before the smoke and mirrors are discovered, and the man behind the curtain pulling the knobs and flicking the switches is seen for the truly disingenuous weakling and hypocrite that he is.  For instance, do the ‘powers that be’ really think we are fooled by sanctions against Gaddaffi, along with a Unanimous UN Security Council Resolution against his glaringly obvious madness? It is sadly all too clear that Oil Lust is behind their (in)actions. Along with a hypocritical desire to ensure abrogation of personal responsibility for ensuring satiation of that lust. The people mustn’t know the Truth. Just as Iron Fists must inevitably rust and crumble, so too with Economies based upon Greed and Unfairness – and if the supply of Oil should become unstable and insecure, those aforementioned Economies, already deeply challenged, will oxidise at incredible speeds. Inaction in the face of an obvious Massacre, arranging and attending ‘official’ meetings to endeavour to achieve ‘consensus’ whilst Humans offering up their Islands in the name of Freedom are being horribly murdered as a result of someone’s insanity, would not seem to comply with the notion of Universal Justice. The phrase ‘fiddling whilst Rome burns’ is sadly rather apt in this case.

The People are beginning to see and act with an increasingly illumined perception and a growingly dogged determination.  And, it is a certain Universal fact that this will not stop now.

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