Many Thanks for Selecting Your Date! The Next Step is to Make Payment for Your Consultation. Please Note that I am Unable to Hold Bookings Without Payment. Before Selecting the Appropriate Button Below, Please Read the Following About My Approach and How to Get the Most From Your Consultation. I Assume All Whom Have Paid Have Done So. Please Then Click on the Appropriate Button to Make Payment.

My Consultations Are Presently Available in a Person to Person over the Internet Format on a Sliding Scale Basis. There are Three Suggested Pricing Options. If You Require Further Accommodation, Please Feel Free to Email Me.

For Person to Person Consultations, I Use Simple-To-Use Web Conferencing Software Called Zoom. You Will Receive an Email With a Link for Connecting to Your Consultation. When You Click the Link at Consultation Time, if You Have Not Already Downloaded Zoom, You Will Be Prompted to Do So. But It Saves Time if You Go Ahead and Download Zoom Now at This Link. For Instructions on How to Connect to Your Consultation, Please Refer to This Page. Please Continue to Read as Remainder of Information is Also Important. Many Thanks and I look Forward to Serving You!

Here is a little bit of information in regards to my approach to astrology. I do ask that you please read over it.

First of all, though it may seem like senseless astro-babble, I like to inform my clients that where possible I prefer to work with the tropical zodiac using sidereal nakshatras and a special ayanamsa using the Galactic Centre as a reference point. Both the sidereal zodiac and tropical zodiac have the capacity to produce exceptionally accurate information and predictions. Neither is intrinsically right or wrong in my opinion. Ultimately, what sets a strong foundation for an accurate prediction is an astrologer’s faith in his techniques and the client’s faith in the astrologer. However, with the techniques that I use I have found the tropical zodiac with sidereal nakshatras to give more precision. The scientific foundation for using these calculations is further substantiated by information which appears in two Ancient Classic texts, the first is Surya Siddhanta which is the ancient astronomical text which is foundational to Vedic Astrology and the other is Srimad Bhagavatam, one of the eighteen great puranas of Vedic Literature. But, my own scientific conclusion for using these techniques has come after testing both systems over hundreds of charts. If you have had a Vedic Consultation before with another astrologer who was not using this system, then some of the sign positions of your planets may change. As I pride myself on delivering the greatest accuracy that I can to my clients, I prefer to use this system if agreeable.

Prior to your consultation, I will need for you to send me your birth information if you have not done so already. Additionally if you have specific questions, I will need them ahead of time. If there is something specific you are looking for information on, I highly recommend letting me know and that you do so concisely.

As an astrologer, I appreciate your feedback so that I can always fine tune my capacity to serve you better. So, please let me know how things work out in relation to your report. I especially like hearing about the progress that you as the client have made with the information provided.

Many thanks for your interest in scheduling an astrological consultation with me. I consider my opportunity to serve you a privilege! Should you have any additional questions prior to your consultation, please do let me know.

Many thanks again for scheduling with me!

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