Hollywood Would Have You Believe it is Like This!

Relationship Coaching through Vedic Astrology

When Instead it Can Often Be Like This!

Relationship Coaching through Vedic Astrology

For many, getting into relationship does not come easy! Staying in relationships can be even harder when you find one that you feel works perfectly for you!

Though we are all different when it comes to relationships, when you understand the meaning and impact of your relationship Karma, your capacity to have more meaningful relationships increases!

Through nearly three decades of working with Vedic Astrology and counseling thousands of clients worldwide, here are a few things I have found to be important in establishing a better relationship with love!

  1. The Self-Relationship
  2. Understanding your approach to relationships
  3. Knowing what you need in relationships
  4. Knowing what you are being asked to learn through relationships
  5. Understanding the type of partners you commonly attract, and why

Vedic Astrology, and especially the Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology contain some of the most profound tools for answering these questions! I am presently developing a new membership area of my website where you can learn and start working on your own individual path to more meaningful and lasting relationships!

These ideas will be implemented  through accessing videos specific to your own individual Relationship Factors and Nakshatras that will give you personal guidance in improving your relationships! These will be accessible to those who want to be on board for a membership fee once the platform launches! Added to this will be a personal group within my own Social Media Platform, the Galactic Lounge for members so that we can support each other in community in developing better relationship patterns! In short, you get to try out the tools through friendly social interaction (no flirting or pickups please!)

Initially, membership will be limited! So, you need to voice your interest and get on the waiting list for the site soon!

Priority will be given to those on the waiting list when we are ready to launch!  If this sounds like something you would be interested in, simply add your name to the waiting list (free) below! What are you waiting for!

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