Live Webinar Course: Rectifying Birth Time with Vargas and Transits

A Highly Precise System of Birth Time Rectification

Rectifying Birth Time with Vargas and Transits

Accurate astrology is deeply benefitted by a precise birth time! The more fine-tuned a birth time, the more accurate the prediction and interpretation can be. So, just what is an accurate birth time? Is a time frame of within five minutes sufficient? Well, maybe so dependent upon the techniques you wish to use and the information you are trying to extract from the chart. But the accuracy that Vedic Astrology can offer needs to be honoured with something more precise.

An astrologer is concerned less with clock time and more with astrological time. So, why ask for birth time in the first place you may ask? In most instances, the birth time is close to the astrological time. And just what is astrological time? A good way to answer this might be to say that it is a way of associating the position of the planets in relation to the birth of the individual. Its precision can be judged by analysing whether or not the events in an individual’s life match up with their chart. When it doesn’t it is helpful for the birth time to be rectified.

How then to do this? Many astrologers rectify by Vimshottari Dasa, the planetary periods of Vedic Astrology. But the planets can indicate so many things. So, we need a much more precise system, especially if we are going to analyse the Varga charts. And an intensive assessment of a horoscope should contain such an analysis.

The technique that I use to rectify is based upon a precise system of ‘Trigger Transits’. Each event is checked against at least 4 Vargas. Over the duration of this course, I will be covering this technique using extensive example charts, teaching techniques with which to rectify a birth time with either a recorded time or without one.

Some of the information and techniques to be covered on Module 1 of the course are as follows:

  1. Predicting Events with Transits
  2. Broad Activation by Transit
  3. Trigger Transits
  4. Birth Time Rectification with Recorded Birth Time
  5. Rectification when the Ascendant is Known
  6. Narrowing down the Ascendant when There is No Known Birth Time
  7. Plus More
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