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In my long experience of teaching Vedic Astrology, in a Live Webinar Course environment I have come to understand the complexity of teaching students from varying levels of experience.

Due to this, regardless of how hard one tries, there are inevitably students who get left behind due to a course being too advanced for them and others who get bored due to the pace being too slow for them.

As a teacher, I always teach to the ‘group level’ of experience. But even in doing so, one inevitably ends up with this predicament. So, I have decided to create Private Tutorial packages for students who may be interested in a more tailored one to one interaction.

With such an approach, I can teach directly to your level of experience and approach the lessons in a manner that will allow you to get the most from our time together.

These will initially be available in a Three Lesson, Six Lesson and 12 Lesson format on a payment plan/subscription basis and hosted over Zoom.

Lessons can be scheduled for once every two weeks or once a month.

For further information, please choose the option which interests you most.

Michael Reed, Vedic Astrologer

Your Astrologer

Michael Reed has over 25 years of Astrological experience. With a depth of background, he has had years in which to polish techniques and learn the secrets of how Astrology works! During this time, aside from consulting with hundreds of clients internationally, he has taught many other professional astrologers!