The Source! – Understanding Rahu and Ketu’s Nakshatra Positions

The Nakshatras act as a bridge between the planets and the realm of existence in which our Karmic Drama unfolds! That is why understanding the Nakshatra in which Rahu and Ketu are placed is very vital! Through doing so, one is able to get closer to the Source of the Cosmic Puzzle we are each here to solve, that of our own Karma! On this video, I explain the foundation of how Consciousness becomes denser through the manifestation of the Planets as incarnations of Vishnu, the Nakshatras as Celestial Messengers that set the tone of our lesson plan and finally the Rasis and Houses as the various areas of life in which our Karmic Drama unfolds. Rahu and Ketu define the journey of our incarnation and the Nakshatras set the Lesson Plan.

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