Rahu and Ketu Course Bundle


This Bundle of Courses will enable you to be spookily accurate with Rahu and Ketu whether you are making predictions or simply helping someone understand what the Nodes mean in their chart!

  • Excelling with Rahu and Ketu (50 videos), which is a comprehensive course on the Nodes covering their positions in the Rasis (Signs), Bhavas (Houses) as well as a brief understanding of the Nodes in the Nakshatras.
  • Nodes through the Nakshatras(29 videos), is a full course on how the nodes function in their opposing Nakshatras.
  • Interpreting and Predicting the Nodes through the Nakshatras (44 videos) is a course on how to interpret the Nodal Nakshatras and also how to predict the periods of the Nodes


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