All Courses Bundle


The whole Kit and Kaboodle! All Courses Presently Listed for Sale at the Academy at a Special Price!

  • Learning the Language (23 videos)
  • Excelling with Rahu and Ketu (50 videos)
  • Nodes through the Nakshatras(29 videos)
  • Rahu and Ketu: Interpreting and Predicting through the Nakshatras (44 videos)
  • Learn the Divisional Charts (19 Videos)
  • Concrete Prediction with Vimshottari Dasa (17 Videos)
  • Jaimini Level 1 (44 Videos)
  • Esoteric and Therapeutic Secrets of the Nakshatras (27 Videos)
  • Rectifying Birth Time (30 Videos)
  • Medical Astrology I (15 Videos)

Within 24 Hours of Purchase, you will be added to a group on my site where the link will be posted to each week’s Ask Me Anything Call!





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