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upon which

Astrology is Built!

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Astrologers are often asked the question of how astrology works. And astrologers often scratch their head in response and say, ‘I don’t really know, but it does.‘ I have never felt this to be a good response. There is an explanation! But as it is a metaphysical science, it needs a metaphysical explanation…but a simple one. Give me an hour each night and I will explain to you How Astrology Works.

Day 1(2)

In Day 1, we will discuss how you have an entire Universe within and what that means. We will discuss the connection between Inner Space and Outer Space through the concept of the planets permeating all things and what that means,

Day 1(3)

Day 2, you will gain an understanding of how and why the astrological signs and houses express that Universe within you externally in a manner that manifests events in your life.

Please allow me to introduce myself.

I am Michael Reed, Vedic Astrologer!

Others in my field have called me ‘The Nakshatra God’ due to the fact that I specialize in the Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology, and the ‘Thinking Man’s Astrologer’.

But I like to think of myself as that guy with the webcam who shares astrology with you through my YouTube Videos and my regular Astrological Posts and who is passionately obsessed about his work.

I have 25+ years of experience in the field of Astrology during which I have consulted with over a thousand clients internationally and taught hundreds of students globally as well!

How Astrology Works