Payment Plans Available as Shown Below

You may choose to pay in full for the Empowerment Experience, or by Payment Plan.

Please note that this requires a six week commitment! I want you to experience the results that can come from a committed plan. Where possible, it is preferable to do one session each week. But sometimes our modern lifestyles interfere. So in instances where it is impossible for you to schedule in consecutive weeks, please keep the dates as closely connected as possible.

By choosing a payment plan option, you may split the cost over three payments made on the same day every two weeks.

If you choose the payment plan option, when you first make payment you will be sent a link within 24 hours to schedule all 6 of your dates. Please ignore any calendar emails which state that you are allowed to schedule two consultations every two weeks. The link I will be sending you will allow you to override that.

I look forward to sharing the Empowerment Experience with you soon!