Payment Plans Available as Shown Below

You may choose to pay in full for the Empowerment Experience Group Program, or by Payment Plan.

Please note that this requires a six week commitment! I want you to experience the results that can come from a committed plan. We need for you to try to be present each week to reap the full benefits of the Program, though I know modern schedules can make it difficult.

As this is a Group Program, dates and times will be chosen with consent of all in the Group. In the future, there will likely be simultaneous groups running with each at the same stage of the process. That will make it easier to be on one date each week, or the other. Make-up dates will be offered should it be difficult to attend certain weeks so we can make sure everyone has access to all dates. But, please DO make the date selected if you can!

 By choosing a payment plan option, you may split the cost over three payments made on the same day every two weeks.

I look forward to sharing the Empowerment Experience with you soon!