Determine Your Destiny!

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What do you do when you are lost?

You try to get your bearings! To do that, it is quite natural to look at where you have been. That helps you to understand the direction you have taken thus far that brought you to the space where you now find yourself.

You then look ahead of you and try to figure out your next step.

And as you move forward, you keep these bearings in mind!.

Understanding your Path in Life is really not much different.

You need to know your Karmic Story, the steps you have taken so far and the patterns of behaviour that have brought you to this moment in time!

Then you look ahead!

Do you want to continue with these patterns?.

Before you say no, I would imagine that there are some to which you would say yes! With those, perhaps you are being given a chance to see those patterns in a new light and accept them.

Where the answer is no, the next step should be obvious.

Interestingly enough, the Nodes in Astrology are the points of your Soul’s Compass that can help you to gain your Karmic Bearings!

They are the points in space where the path of the Sun (Soul) meets the path of your Conscious Awareness (Moon).

Please read that again and digest it a bit.

Furthering upon that, they are the points on the horizon that represent your perspective and what you have gained from Consciousness thus far, and where you are going in regard to what you are working on going forward.

On 23rd April at 6 pm London Time I will be hosting the first class, Rahu and Ketu, the Nodes in the Signs!


Registration is only $30 for this Master Class!

Attendees will have access to creating their own chart so they know how to find their own placements!

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