Certification-Know the Grahas

Learn the Grahas (Planets) to a very deep level!

Learn the Grahas (Planets) to a very deep level!

Though you are certainly welcome to start this Course, it is still in development with new lessons being uploaded regularly!

One thing I have witnessed with students of Vedic Astrology, as well as a reflection of my own personal journey, is that students are very enthusiastic to get down to the nuts and bolts of prediction and interpretation. As a result, they learn a little about the planets and then start to explore further without more deeply expanding their knowledge. But, we really need to learn about the planets deeply. For instance, you may randomly need to know what Graha rules refrigerators. Or, you may see a difficult event in a person’s life that happens in a Moon Dasa, only the Moon is strong and it doesn’t make any sense to you, until you learn that the strength of Mercury and the Moon are connected. If one is weak, the other has to work harder.

There is so much about the planets that students of astrology never learn. This course is designed to teach you as much on the planets as possible. There is a companion text to this course, which I highly recommend that you purchase for the information on the course to make more sense. The book is Graha Sutras by Ernst Wilhelm and contains more on the planets than you can imagine. This text will be used as our main resource. But there will be tidbits of information in the course PDF.

When you learn the planets to a very deep level, your prediction accuracy will soar and interpretation will have more colour! I hope you enjoy the course!

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Course in Development. Check Back for More Lessons Soon!